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  1. Thanks jaylen, I appreciate the post. Anyone else have input on a fair price for a used NH1? I just want to get a good solid wall of feedback before putting it on the market.
  2. I replied to your PM. In theory I guess it would be $10/12 depending on opened/new but would you be willing to get more than 2? I'd have to look into shipping, I'm not sure. Thanks for the interest. If any Mods want to move this to the Classifieds forum feel free.
  3. Cool, I appreciate the replies. Thank you. edit - not trying to be a smart ass but aren't DAT decks portable? I can see it both ways...
  4. Hello, apologies if this is the wrong forum for this thread. I am thinking about selling my MZ-nh1 deck. I bought it when they were fairly new for around $400 USD but now I see they are retailing for ~ $294.95-315 or am I wrong? I was just wondering what a fair price would be? I wouldn't want to rip anyone off and I'd like to get a fair price for it. The only thing I am missing is the pair of awesome (sarcasm) headphones it shipped with. I also have some 1GB discs: 9 sealed 1GB discs, they retail at $6.95 each...$6 even sound fair? 14 open (Some barely used if at all.) 1 disc that came with the deck in a different type of case then the rest. What is a fair price for used discs? $4-5? They are all in very good shape... thank you for any input, empty from Minneapolis, MN
  5. Good point. I did go with your 1st method, got the 189 files down to 4, combined the first 2 and combined that file 2 more times. Seems seemless, haven't given it a super hard listen yet. Still the foobar2000 method sounds interesting, had not heard of that before. Thanks dex.
  6. This sounds pretty frickin genious actually as I love foobar2000. your 1st method sounds pretty cool too. Thanks again for your help. I've heard Goldwave joins .wavs seemlessly?
  7. I am so frustrated, I always record Line-In with my MZ-NH1 so I always have to transfer tracks to my library and then combine the tracks into one, from there I load that .wav into CD Wave and track the songs out as they should be. From the show last night I am looking at 186 tracks. They are uploaded to my library. Edit > Select All Edit > Combine "Do you want to combine the selected 186 tracks?" of course I do...Start. "Combining tracks"...then SS3.2 races to 100% and then gives me this error message: "An error has occurred during the combine." This happens all the time, sometimes I try it with the HiMD still connected to PC, sometimes not connected, sometimes I convert all the tracks to .wav, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I try to restart SS and do a varaition of the above, sometimes I restart my PC. I'm trying all of these things and sometimes for whatever reason the "Combine" finally works and I have the ONE .wav that I want to work with. Today I cannot get a combine to work. I don't mean to beat a dead horse cause I'm sure this has been asking 101 times but what do you have to do to get a successful combine of multiple tracks after recording Line-In?
  8. hello, a real quick post from work...the battery box is from sonic studios, it is external and did not come with the deck and I am using the low sensitivity setting. I tape a lot of loud 'rock' bands. I'm going to try the mic-in tonight. I do appreciate everyones input and would like to post more but I need to get back to work. I'll be back in a day or two...heading to a show after work tonight and won't be around afterwards...
  9. My apologies if this belongs in the live recordings forum, please move it there if it does. Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L --> PA-6LC2 --> Sony MZ-NH1 Hi-MD (Line-In) at 30/30 I'm only getting 4 bars while recording live music. The batt box I have only takes one AA and I am using Sony rechargables. Someone suggested using an alkaline AA instead of a rechargable to see if that helps. I make sure the batteries (set of two) are charged before a show and I only need one for the batt box and I make sure I'm in the manaual recording setting. I did buy some "Duracell Ultra" AAs that are made to give juice to digital cameras (so are these sony rechargables) thinking they might help but haven't tried them yet since I punked out on going to Sleepytime last night. Any help is appreciated. John
  10. oh sorry, it actually just said "An error has occured during the combine" and would not continue.
  11. Hello, I'm running SS3.2 and I have transfered 28 tracks for the second time (live concert, line in). The first time I transfered and combined the 28 tracks without any problems. I'm trying it again, they transfered fine but this time will not combine in SS3.2. Does anyone know what causes this error? Many thanks for any help. John
  12. oh man, a complete reinstall. thanks KrazyIvan. Anyone know where to get a USB compatible with the HiMD deck? I googled "A to Mini-B USB cable" and that just doesn't look right. probably don't want to be buying something out of radioshack for quality transfer or does that not really matter since a USB cable is going to be a USB cable?
  13. thanks for the post Sebastian.
  14. http://forums.minidisc.org/lofiversion/index.php/t11689.html hmm maybe I just need to buy a "Type A to Mini-B" USB cable" and hope the deck isn't broken where the USB jack on the deck isn't broken...
  15. It appears that my USB cable has stopped working already. Has anyone ever ran into this flashing "PC--MD" problem? In the transfer window..."please insert recordable disc" well I have a disc in there with a show on it I would like to transfer but...does it sound like I need to buy another USB? It's in there firmly, should be able to read it....
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