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  1. Should I get a creative zen micro or a hi-md player?
  2. Well I am still kinda new to the over all music generation but well I heard ipods break easy and are well I just like it because everyone else has one.I am looking for something that is sleek,stylish,small,appeals to me,can hold alot of music,and is affordable,and has good sound quality and neat fetures. But I do have an atrac3plus cd-player and it still holds I have alos been thinking and probably getting a psp but I just dont know.
  3. Hey all kinda new to the whole minidisc format looking for space and recordablity and lots of music but not to much I hate Ipods and yes I know sonicstage I use it with my atrac3+ cd player which is now falling apart and have thought that cds are to big so I was wondering is hi-md really woth it I want to get mz-nh700 but is it really woth it ?
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