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  1. Any way to purchase these units? I'm interested in an EH930. Thanks in advance.
  2. Check it out! http://www.sonystyle.ca/commerce/servlet/P...ath=46881n32123
  3. DrSiddons


    Thanks for the reply. I hooked up my RM-MC40ELK remote. Everything was japanese. I was able to navigate the menues and change the language to english. It works great. I noticed that when I used the remote that came with the player, it was already in english. I do like one of the features that comes with the supplied remote (RM-MC38EL). There are two buttons that more the player forwards or backwards by group. No jog wheel though. I haven't yet discovered the way to play by group, album, etc. I am surprised that this was never marketed in the U.S. It's a handsome unit and the sound is excellent. It is necessary to have another unit that can upload music onto a disc. Enjoy. Dr.S.
  4. DrSiddons


    Thanks! I'm wondering - since the EH70 uses the same remote as the RH1, might it have the same menu structure. I have a manual for the RH1 in english. Thanks in advance. Dr. S
  5. DrSiddons


    I just picked up a MZ-EH70 player from Audio Cubes. Does anyone know where I might find a manual in english? Great unit, terrific sound. I'd like to make sure I'm using all the features. I can't make much use of the japanese manual. Thanks in advance. Dr. S
  6. I also ordered from Minidisco. The delivery was somewhat slower than I thought it would be. Other than that - no problem. The unit works great! A great piece of technology. Dr. S
  7. I'm having a problem with SonicStage 4.0 and connecting with the Connect music store. I think my Symantec (firewall and virus protection) software is interferring with the site. I tried downloading the SS 4.0 full installation from this forum. I did the installation and the software doesn't recognize that its in the US. I get a screen that says SonicStage is not available for your country. Given that I'm having proglems with connecting with the Connect website (even with EI 6x) I can't re-install from the web site. HELP!!! Dr. S.
  8. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll give it a try. Dr.S
  9. I just got the rh1 and am very pleased with the device. One question though. Can it play mp3 files (without going through SonicStage)? I've also got a PSP. I can just drag mp3s into it and they play (I do it on my Mac). I'd love to be able to do the same thing with the rh1. Thanks in advance. Dr. S
  10. I'd like to see Mac compatible music transfer software (the equivalent of SonicStage & Simple Burner). Dr. S.
  11. After drilling into the forums, I came across a posting in which the writer stated that a hi-md minidisc could hold up to 5 gigs of data. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  12. Good day all! Any update on mac compatible software for the MZ-RH1? Thanks. Dr.S.
  13. Yes. Presently he puts the tape unit in his pocket, has the earphone cord run under his shirt and has a foot pedal on the floor (with the cord running up to his pocket). He's used to working with wires. DrS I just re-read your post. He wants to use a foot pedal. DrS
  14. My friend is a blind priest who records his sermons to a cassette recorder in preperation for giving a sermon. When giving the sermon, he uses a foot pedal to start and stop a portable tape player that plays his tape. He wears an earphone to hear the tape. His equipment is old and breaking. I'm hoping to introduce him to the minidisc technology. Is there a foot pedal controller that works with a minidisc recorder? Thanks in advance. DrSiddons
  15. I purchased a MZ-EH1 earlier this year from Audio Cubes. I can't say enough good things about the unit. It is just a hi-md player; great battery life; great playback; light & compact. You'll need the remote since there is no display on the unit itself. I use it every weekday during my commute (4 hours/day). I use a leather case (from MinidiscAccess) that clips to my belt. The EH1 is thin enough to fit in the case with 2 discs. I hope this helps. ks
  16. Count me in. Hi-Sp would be my choice.
  17. I've got SS 3.3 installed. For the last week, I've been unable to access the Connect music store. I get a message that the Connect store has not been opened in my country yet (I live in the US). I have made successful purchases from the music store prior to this new development. What do you think happened? ks
  18. I came across this website while cruising the web for minidisc stuff. http://www.mironics.com/ Has anyone had any experience with this? DrS
  19. I just recently bought a 'player only' unit (MZ-EH1). I have another unit that is a recorder. The player is much thinner and lighter. It's pretty much the only one I carry around these days. Enjoy. Dr. S
  20. How about the MZ-EH1! It's just a player, but very chic. Bought one 2 weeks ago and have been using it daily since. Very light - great sound - very nice indeed! Enjoy! Dr S
  21. You are a wonderful person!!!!!!! The fixed worked! I got the black one. And it does look so sweet! Thanks. Dr.S
  22. Good day. I've just received a MZ-EH1 (which I purchased from AudioCube). Great looking device! Is there a way I can change the display language from Kanji to English? Thanks in advance. DrSiddons
  23. I suspected this - just wanted to make sure. A 'playlist' feature would be a nice addition to the system. Thanks for the response. ks
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