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  1. :love: IT WORKED I love you people i really do. For some reason my windows update never found the service pack 3" to download. One it did, i did exactly as you said and it worked :grin: Thanks again to all the people that helped, really appreciate it
  2. haha congrats jasr, unfortunetly it didn't work for me yet in the FAQ thread it says to delete all the Real Network programs, can somebody please tell me what kinda real network programs are there except RealOne (forgive the newb). Because it's not in the Add/Remove programs, yet i can find references to Real Networks in the 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER & HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folders. Also, i dont seem to have the MS Hotfix KB840987 in my "Add/Remove Programs" the only thing that is closly similar to it are: Microsoft Data Access Components KB870669 Windows Xp Hotfix - KB834707 I tried to delete the Windows Xp Hotfix - KB834707 update, but it didnt work, I haven't tried to remove the Microsoft Data Access Components KB870669 yet.
  3. @ kurisu, hehe you got me. On Topic: I uninstalled all Real Networks, RealOne, and all Sony components yet nothing happened. I tried to look for MS Hotfix KB840987 but i don't have it in my PC. I have absolutely no idea where to go from here (please dont tell me to re-install windows). thanks for your time.
  4. Hello folks how are you? I have a huge problem with my SonicStage. Everytime I try to put songs in my Net MD (MZ-NF610) the program just shuts down for no reason. I get a message saying that there was an Eror & thats it. I tried "Cheking Out" the songs using RealOne but the result is the same, RealOne shuts down in the middle (most of the times it shuts down before it even starts converting) of the conversion. I did everything that was suggested in the FAQ thread, but still no luck. I know its not a problem with my MD because I have another MD & the same thing happens with that one as well. Please shed some some light on the whole situation because im beyond desperate, and i REALLY dont want to re-install windows again. Thank you in advance.
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