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  1. When you push a bit the Eject button, the unit resets to the first track. This means you cannot put the unit in your pocket when it is not in use. Why? Because every time you make a certain movement, whenever you touch the Eject button the unit reset's, but worst, since it drains the battery. Sony should be aware of this design glitch and make the needed correction.
  2. fstg

    MZ-RH1 issues

    I agree it could be an answer to this issue. I think I had the same issue with the unit laying on a desk. I have sent back the unit to the dealer, but my gilrfriend has a new. Regarding the issue I have with the battery, I've tried different techniques. Sometimes It does not even charge when I plug it the first time. The same answer could apply if the opening button is to sensitive. In this manner, everytime the button is touched, it reset to the first track and at the same time read all the content over and over again.
  3. fstg

    MZ-RH1 issues

    I have a few minidisc. My last acquisition works very irregularly. After a certain amount of time, it reset's itself to 1. Never the same. I carry a MZ-NH1 in my pocket for many days without this problem. As anyone ever experienced the same issue? The battery length never reaches the length of play Sony says. About half the time to my my experience. Normal or not? thanks Fernand
  4. Do we have any other news related to the release of the Mz-Rh1 in North america?
  5. how can you play MP3 on these without converting? I have an mz-rh10 and never was able to play these files? tell me how? thanks
  6. as I use HIMDRENDER or the windows version, I always get an error message Success ! add direct sound to graph Success ! get input pin from dsound Get omgsrc_baseSuccess ! Success ! Get omgsrc_base output pin Success Create OMG TRANSFORM Success ! Success ! Add OMG TRANSFORM to graph Success ! get input in from omg trans Success ! get output in from omg trans - Success! Get sony wav writer Success ! Success ! Success ! Add sony wav writer to graph Success ! Delete output File: d:temptest.omg.wav.tmp -- FAILED Set up sony wav writer Success ! get input in from sony wav writerSuccess ! Get smarttee interfaces Success ! Success ! Add smarttee to graph Success ! Get Smarttee pins Success ! Success ! Success ! Attempt connection between omgsrc and omgtrans
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