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  1. ok Lok - last time I'm showing you how nice I'm. I'll describing escpecially for you what i did step by step. 1. I delated everything what was connected with sonicstage software, everything what contained "mg", "sony", "real", "jukebox", etc. by add/remove and manually 2.then I checked what updates (from microsoft) for windows (I use XP) are available - there was "service pack 3" or something like this. It was like 100 MB - I downloaded it. 3. restart your PC - enjoy fuckin' sonicstage - it works again - I've got 1.5 version and I didn't have to download newer version that's the whole secret - I didn't have to delate anything else after this my internet explorer fucked up..never mind..
  2. finally - it works!!! ))) kurisu you're right I did EXACTLY what was in faq area..and this time I updated my XP - it was like 100 mb updates but it was worth. my sonicstage software works again but this time something happened with my internet explorer - actually it doesn't work anymore...now I'm using netscape - but this problem is not connected with MD forum's subject.. thanks anyway - you saved me - I'm impressed! Lok - good Lok!
  3. elo, since yesterdayI've got yhe same problem - actually such a problem with software means that my md is a trash..unfortunately this solution above doesn't work. I delated it and the problem has been still on. maybe you did also something else.. thanks anyway.. - desperate man..
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