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  1. Hi guys, i just received my NH1 Hi-Md unit but it's the japanese version. I want to know (coudn't find any topics about it) if there is some way to hack the unit using some computer program or entering in the service mode to convert it to the english language one... Thanks and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :smile:
  2. wait guys, i didn't understand that. you are saying that the "right" version of sonic stage plays without gaps but the player itself doens't???? i didn't get it! i'm more interested on the player cause i'm dj and i have a lot of tracks that are mixed with others and i really really will hate if the unit put gaps between these tracks... :wink:
  3. Hi guys, i'm going to buy a hi-md. I was thinking about mznh600d but i did't find any information about T-Mark on this model. I know that you can't use t-mark on tracks downloaded from sonicstage but when i record tracks on my net md from cds using the usb connection, i can use the t-mark. so i was just wondering that i would have to split my tracks on the PC and then transfer to the md, but what happens if i transfer live records or mixed tracks that doens't have gaps betwen the tracks????? can someone please test if this type of tracks will be recorded normally one after one without any gaps or if it will have a gap betwen them? Thanks :smile:
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