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  1. Just out of curiosity: When you connect via USB, does SonicStage list the tracks on the disc? Can they be played back from the disc itself through SonicStage?

    And have you tried, just as an experiment, recording in Hi-SP or Hi-LP?

    Sonic stage does list the tracks of the disc. Sometimes it will play the problematic track, sometimes not. I did do a couple of records in Hi-SP and they weren't a problem. But I like the higher quality of PCM.

  2. Hi, this week I've begun recording vinyl to himd in pcm mode and very often when I attempt to upload the track to my computer I get a "failed to read the data" message. It happens whether or not I edit the tracks or leave them as one long track. I hope it's just a defective disc. Any suggestions or commentary? Thanks.

  3. I'm surprised Sony's SoundForge program doesn't allow you to save in .oma format. I looked at their specs online and there's no mention of it saving to their own proprietary format! I thought I read somewhere that it did. Anyone know for sure? Thanks.

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