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  1. yeah, was trying to upgrade but link wasnt there on sony site. have upgraded from connect.com. the initial joy might wear off, but right now, as far as im concerned, hi-md kicks ass.
  2. sidepoint, MarC your conversion tool ROCKS
  3. i wanna use it, but i cant, cause my version of sonicstage / open mg thingy isnt right. conveniently, sony have not got an update on their webshite at the moment, anyone got a sonicstage update, or open mg secure 4.0 installer?
  4. oops i got it - was a windows patch i needed to do is all! (found it on the sony site)
  5. forge-aw

    new mz-nh900

    just took delivery, nice shiny, new.... im running windows 2000. iv installed the sonicstage software. Its fine, until i try to import a file, or if the minidisc recorder is connected to the pc. when i do this, i get a dr watson error, saying that the program has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. which it does. anyone else have this problem - if so, what can i do about getting my music (mp3) onto it?!?!
  6. its def brand new, its actually on amazon uk... looks like i'll be joining the ranks then....
  7. cool. seen a nh900 for sale for a little under 170, which i have my name on... should i expect it to come with a blank, or will i need to go out and get one? also, will i be able to use normal md media?
  8. i really wanted to top out about 200 quid, appears ill get one of those off ebay for my money.... hows does it connect to the pc
  9. i dj for hobby / pasttime / occasional extra earner. id like to be able to plug a device into the back of my mixer, and have it record the set that i play (having it worry about all recording levels, not faffing with it myself), it recording up to 3 hours non stop. plug it into my pc, pull off the sound as a file, an then split it up into chunks to burn to a cd. can any minidisc device do this?
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