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  1. I too actually listen to FLACs on a daily basis, and don't use FLAC only for storing purposes. For listening I use WinAmp with its FLAC plugin - for encoding I use dBPowerAmp with its FLAC codec. FLAC format is peculiar in adopting an asymmetric encode-decode algorithm, so that decoding and rendering into a WAV file is superfast. The price to pay is that the encoding process is quite time consuming.
  2. It is a lossless compression format. It is free and there are plugins for WinAmp. Like Volta, I use it too for archiving purposes. http://flac.sourceforge.net/
  3. Oh, that's new to me. I was used to the fact that one had to delete tracks on MD in order to edit them in SS. Thank you for the good news.
  4. Volta, thanks for posting a link to those instructions. Yes, that is a slightly different case (joining tracks instead of dividing a long track, as in my case), but the advice of converting to WAV as soon as the track(s) has been uploaded to the PC before any other operation within SS applies in both cases. Greetings Enrico
  5. Hello. I took a long (around 80 minutes) recording of our orchestra rehearsal with my MZ-NH1 and a microphone, uploaded it to PC with SS 3.1, and then - after deleting the whole recording on MD - begun dividing the whole track into single tracks, one for every piece we played - with the divide tool in SS 3.1. I had done that many times with other long tracks, with no problems. This time, after having divided successfully some pieces, I was with the last track - containing the last two pieces - to be divided. After starting to divide it, the divide tool of SS 3.1 gave me an error, something like "error dividing the track...". The odd thing is that now SS refuses to even play it, displaying an error concerning the OMG rights that are not valid (the message is in Italian as my SS is on a Italian OS). I've also tried to convert the track into WAV format from inside SS, but SS says that I cannot do that because only tracks recorded in analogue way can be converted (and mine indeed was, I used a microphone). I've even tried to use Hi-MD renderer to convert the track into WAV, but Hi-MD renderer just does not begin the conversion process and stays forever with the "Please wait..." message on the bottom-right button. I think this track has been damaged forever by the divide tool - at least, the divide tool has damaged the OMG info in the track. This track was not really important, but I've learned that in the future I cannot trust at 100% the divide tool in SS 3.1, so be careful when using it - I suggest to convert to WAV the original long track before trying to divide it into smaller tracks. I just wanted to share my experience and alert you SS 3.1 users about this bug in SS. Enrico EDIT: BTW, any advice about how the damaged track can be recovered is obviously welcome.
  6. weiswang and Latexxx, I was thinking exactly the same.
  7. Hello. I finally tried Hi-MD Lister 0.4. Nice software, thanks for sharing it. I would like to point out something that looks like a really small bug. When I export the text list (I ask to list only groups), the 5th group is listed again and again at the end of the text file for about 50-60 times. Thus there are about 50-60 exceeding lines, that are just a repeated clone of the 5th line of the list. It is not really a problem, because with Notepad I can edit the file and delete those exceeding lines. However, I just wanted to let you know this fact in case you plan in future to build a new version of the lister.
  8. I'm not disappointed. Recording lessons and practice sessions can be really useful: re-listening to them can be instructive to spot wrong notes or faulty passages you were not aware of while playing. I think MD recorder is really good for that as far as fidelity and storage capacity are concerned. However, a good microphone does make the difference.
  9. Just a thought... what about ripping the audio from DVD to HD - there are a few shareware available for that - and then USB-transferring the ripped tracks to MD?
  10. Hello. I play violin like you, and record my lessons and performances with a MZ-NH1. The mic I use is Sony ECM-MS907 (directly plugged into the MD recoder), or two Sennheiser e835 plugged into a mixer, whose line out goes in the line in of the MD recorder. The latter configuration I use when recording violin duets together with a friend of mine. The Sony mic is just an amateur one; the Sennheiser ones are not the best for string instruments (they are more vocal-oriented), but they are good enough for me. Other people will surely advice you about the mics you mention. However, I am happy to have found here another violin player using a MD recorder.
  11. That's really nice tribalwind! I am a fan of yours! Thanks for posting it!
  12. Just because I wanted something to record myself playing my violin, alone or in group. I knew that MD recorders are among the preferred choices of amateur and professional musicians. I'm appreciating my MZ-NH1 as a really good quality walkman as well. I'm totally new to this world, I have owned it for a few months. I'm happy with it. The only thing that bothers me is the silly restriction in the MD to PC transfer.
  13. Could it be because my SS2.0 is European (Italian) edition? EDIT: also the online upgrade to SS2.1 is European edition.
  14. Problem solved! I solved it in this way. 1) Uninstall the WCT. 2) Uninstall SS2.3 3) Re-install SS2.0 that came on CD with my Hi-MD 4) Internet upgrade to SS2.1 5) Install the WCT 6) Upgrade to SS2.3 with the link given by kurisu Now everything seems to work fine!
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