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  1. Except that you MD recorder / SS encrypt ATRACT files adds SCMS and other BS, shame on you Sony!
  2. WAV Doesn't support tags :-( .. OK any thing SS can do about it? it would be really great if SS could name the WAV to tracknr. - artist - title - album or something!
  3. I put a lot of work into titeling recorded tracks from the radio and now I see that SS trows all meta info like artist name, song name, album name etc. away when I convert to wav! I use my SE K750i for music now (much quicker, and cheaper :-( ) but the conversion is a pain, especially the renaming part, I installed mp3 rename (nodesoft) and it works like a charm but I'd rather keep what I've entered into the NH1 during recording. Anyone found a SE plug->minijack convertor btw? I'd love to have finally some nice Etymotic in-ear buds! For people wanting to convert their files to AAC (mp4) for listening on their phone / Ipod like I do you can download Nero Digital command line AAC encoder for free, type cmd in start->run put all the wav's from SS in a folder like C:\wav and type: for %i in (dir *.wav) do C:\PATH_to_NeroDigitalAudio\neroAacEnc_SSE2.exe -if C:\WAV_PATH\%i -of C:\WAV_PATH\m4a\%i.m4a or for 2 pass encoding you have to set a target bit rate like 160kbps (it will be vbr around 160kps) like this: for %i in (dir *.wav) do C:\PATH_to_NeroDigitalAudio\neroAacEnc_SSE2.exe -br 1603840 -2pass -if C:\WAV_PATH\%i -of C:\WAV_PATH\m4a\%i.m4a The 1603840 is because Nero wants us to use bps like this 160kbps=160x1024bps bits per seconds where everybody else uses kilo bits per sec. Any linux fans having uses SS inside VMware inside Linux? Share your knowledge! :-)
  4. Wtf is Sony thinking? This is about only analog recordings SonicStage 3.1 and an MZ-NH1. I record from the radio and later I divide tracks with the MD and usually I give them track names with SS because it's faster typing, you know. Recently I had no time and before I had gone dividing I thought I'd delete some tracks and groups but didn't upload anything! I deleted a few tracks at the beginning of a recording session and maybe even afterwards, nothing more. I decided I would divide the tracks in that group with the MD later. Guess what? Now my stupid MD says "cannot edit". I had this before when I had 1 big track and put in album and artist with SS (because if you split later the MD will make the tracks with same album and artist but oh no not after editing in SS) Wtf is this sh*t? I'm sick and tired of this stupid Sony stuff! Sorry but I'm getting really frustrated here! And don't tell me I can combine/divide in SS because I don't like it that way. What a bunch of crap.
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