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  1. Sent another one your way, I hope this one gets to you. Later, POE.
  2. Being that the discs them selves are pretty much bomb proof, I think Ebay is a good source for blank discc. The only real thing you have to be worried about in this case is just being plain ripped off, IE the seller plain doesn't send you the product. I will say though alot of the sellers seems to think they're(minidisc) are made of gold, they're pretty pricey. If you watch though you can still get decent deals. Also Minidisco still sells blanks, support them. Later, POE.
  3. Doctorminidisc I PM you in regards to the battery extension. Thanks, POE. And thanks Raja for letting me have dibs on the battery extension. Later, POE.
  4. You can even record him on the sly by simply plugging in your headphones into the mike input of your MD. This turns your headphones into a mike. I really don't know how good the pick will be, but I know that it works because I've done it before. POE
  5. If Raja doesn't want the battery extension I'll take it off your hands. Later, POE.
  6. Not to mention you can pickup a backup of that prodeck you use all the time on Ebay. POE.
  7. Sammy Boy you can get the RM-MC38EL for under $20 (including shipping) all the time off of Ebay. There is a silver and white version and I believe they will work with any of your minidisc units. Not for sure about your MZR500, but I use them on my HIMD, my 610 which is the same generation as your 310 player and I use them with my 505 and 707 which is the same generation as your 909 player. Later, POE.
  8. I have tried WMA Lossless and as you pointed out no gapless. Also, Sonic Stage scrambles albums with songs with different artists names, this was really annoying. POE.
  9. The cover feature the way it's described above is how I use Sonic Stage. I've tried to find a way to have lossless music in this format and I haven't found a program yet. I have to agree that it is a really nice way to sort through your music. Just my thoughts, POE.
  10. Yeah, 86-88 is about right. Later, POE.
  11. I have a digital camera but I have no idea how to post pictures to a forum like this. Ok I pulled it out and a handful of minidiscs out and tried out again. Disc with sleeves you fit 6 discs in the outer slots, while you only fit 5 in the inner slots because of the extra divider slots. You have adequate finger room to get disc out even when the slot is full. If there is only a single disc in the slot, the slots are just narrow enough that it's still easy to get it out. I would say that they may be a little tricky if you were trying to do this while driving. Disc without sleeves are pretty much the same except you can fit 10 and 9 discs in the slots. Also you have alittle additional side finger room which would make it alot easier to fetch a disc while driving. Be aware that the front row, the one nearest the latch, has different divider spacings so you can really only split in half. If you keep these slots full though 2 rows of discs will still stay put in each half. This is actually a good place to put extra batteries and anyother supplies. I checked the measurements from the link and they match mine. Later, POE.
  12. Hey Raja I know you travel alot for your job and this box would be great for you. Depending on your car the box looks like it would fit under alot of car seats. You would be able to bring a whole crap load with you. POE. P.S. I'm pretty sure this is the same one I bought mine at a Kmart about 2 or 3 years ago. I check every once in awhile and I haven't seen it avaible since at stores. POE
  13. It's the Plano StowAway 3730. I have one, it is very useful and well built. Funny thing is I don't use it anymore, because I built myself a rack that hangs on the wall for my minidiscs. Later, POE.
  14. I use Itunes for my podcasts and import them into Sonic Stage all the time. I'll tell you now I have never had problems with Sonic Stage having troubles with Itunes mp3 tags for podcasts. Now for your first problem if I understand correct your having troubles downloading Itunes. Go to Apples web site hunt around in the Ipod tab I believe there is a download choice off to the left. Just remember to check which OS your going to use it on. Download doubleclick on the cion it puts on your desktop and go through the setup, use all the default things it asks for(otherwise say yes to everything). The only immediate problem you could be running into is I believe Itunes will only run on Windows XP or Vista, so if you have a older Windows OS that could be your problem. As always if I'm wrong about Itunes and older Windows OSs, guys feel free to chime in. Later, POE.
  15. My DVD burner died do to some remote nonhelp from HP. MY HIMD saved all my important data and let me do the system recovery HP demanded I do before they would honor their waranty. Saved my butt. POE
  16. I'm pretty sure somebody here or at the Audio T Board was hunting for this rack. Here's the link:http://cgi.ebay.com/Sony-Minidisc-MD-Storage-Rack_W0QQitemZ150145634553QQihZ005QQcategoryZ15056QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZV iewItem PS Not my sale I just remembered that somebody was hunting for it. Later, POE.
  17. Thanks Rain Theory, but there is two things I'm unsure of. What is the source file for the LP2 and SP compatability files, I'm assuming it was your WAV, but assuming makes a... Also what was the unit you used to make SP compatability track? HIMD or Net MD? Later, POE.
  18. That's regular MD not HIMD. POE
  19. You can stick with HIMD just learn to use a padded case and a remote. POE
  20. Sonic Stage has to have a copy of a file, on the hard drive of the computer it's installed on, to transfer it to your unit. I think it's a little bit of DRM bull still left over. POE.
  21. I can no more recite the countless articles I've read on this very subject as you can tell me what you had for lunch 6 months ago on a Tuesday, so I ask you prove that good quality cables are snake oil. You like to quote but left out the part where I said you don't need to buy $200 Kimber cables, but if they have some in the $50-75 range, that statement alone does not make me a member of the elitist who read Sterophile magazine(although I have a read few). If you really have to have proof go Google Kenith Polemann (I think that's spelled right) I'm pretty sure I've read a article or two about the benefits of good quality cables for analog audio from him. He's a writer for I believe for it's "Home Theater Magazine" or whatever, I do remember that it's the one where they combined "Video Magazine" and "Stereo Review" together into one mag. I've read stuff from him and many other "Professionals" about this subject. I am buy no means a professional installer, but heres a acid test. If you can talk to a pro about what they use for their custom setups for cables connections. This is easy to answer so I'll answer it for you they use bulk wire and connections from Kimber Cables and other companies of equal quality. They don't use cheap crap because they know the problems cheap wire can introduce into a setup. I'm sure they would also tell you that they would never stake the quality of their setup to save a few bucks. I can tell you that almost all the pros use good quality wire and connections, they're pros so I think this counts against the snake oil theory. You can choose to say they say they don't count because it's not a double blind test or something. I counter that by saying that numbers can be manipulated to make them say anything you want them to say. As far as me throwing cheap cables from setups, I've cut a few of them open to see if they had any shielding typically they were the standard foil but in one case it didn't have any sheiding at all. After removing the junky cables from these systems the low level noise that could be heard through the receiver disapears, if it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, well it's a duck. I am in no means trying to piss you off nor advocate buying $200 cables, but I am trying to point out that "good" quality cables do make some difference in the transport of analog audio. The pros use decent stuff so as far as I am concerned that's proof enough.
  22. Snake oil is one thing but buying cheap $5 from Walmart is another, if you don't expect to pick up radio interference. Good quality cables for transfering analog audio has been proven. It's not like digital 1s and 0s it degrades because of outside conditions also. Namely RF. I'm not saying go out and buy $200 Kimber Cable but I would say that if Kimber Cable makes some in the $50-$75 range, it could not hurt for recording purposes. These more expensive cables provide the one thing you mention superior connections, but also additional RF rejection, wire is not just wire. I've thrown away far to many cheap cables away in setting up and fixing other peoples systems. Typically the question I hear most was what was causing all the background hiss in there system,reply you get what you pay for. Now I'm first to tell you that products like Monster Cable at Circuit City is way overpriced. If you have a Best Buy in your area they carry a low end of Acoustic Research Cables that are fine and alot cheaper than the Monster Brand. If you have to go Monster Brand they do offer some that are a little cheaper I think you can probably pick up a 6foot for under $30 anymore you are more than likely overpaying. POE.
  23. A lot of it also depends on your CD players DACS. Here is also one case where high quality cables also make a difference. POE.
  24. Just adding a little recommendation, the grey armband case from Sony is a great buy. It's well padded and for a arm band it doesn't slide down much. Two caveats, fits AA units nicely I haven't found a gumstick unit that fits in it well and it's a little on the ugly side. I used it for two summers holding my NH600D while weed whacking on a steep hill for a hour and half everyother week. It protected my unit very well. POE.
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