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  1. I wonder why H-MD wasn't considered. PCM capability is even more "pro". But I'm glad to see TASCAM's continuing support for MD anyway.
  2. I've used the Mac-MD software for awhile. I works okay for what it does. But I ended up just getting a PC netbook (with XP) and using a 2GB memory stick for copying files to my Mac. Less limitations and frustration.
  3. Very interesting. The potential is there. (And it's cute!) I fear that initially introducing it as a video playback-only format will likely doom it. I wish it were being introduced as a portable, recordable video, audio, general digital storage format.
  4. A decent deal, for someone who already has a large supply of Hi-MD discs recorded, and wants another "safety backup" for the future. Where do these batches of units come from? How long ago did they stop manufacturing them?
  5. My "traditional" response would be a HiFi home deck with all the editing features that Sony decks traditionally had on home decks, as well as USB interface. (I have an Onkyo deck, which I'm glad I have, but I wish it would do all that my Sony decks did.) My "radical" response would be to just have HiMD players be drag-and-drop players of WAV, MP3, ATRAC, FLAC etc files. MDs would just be the removable storage medium. Any special software would be optional. Essentially an alternative to SD or microSD cards. Minidiscs are cheaper, and I "trust" them for long term storage.
  6. Here's the direct link to the item: http://www.recordingstore.com/digital_audi...d__hi_md_/1605/ (not including shipping - in the US, it came out lower than Minidisco.) They obviously still have it listed, in spite of my canceled order, so they apparently haven't given up on getting more in the future. I ordered (and received) a batch around 4 months ago.
  7. I normally order my 1GB discs from RecordingStore.com. My latest order was cancelled with this message: Unfortunately the Sony HMD1G are backordered with no ETA at this time. We have cancelled your order and a full refund has been issued. I know I can still get the discs at MiniDisco, but do you think the supply is starting to dry up?
  8. Thanks! I should have been more clear. What I'm talking about is more as a player. I have more music stored on minidiscs (mainly compilations copied from my CDs) than would fit on even the largest iPod. I cycle thru them (it takes a few years). I don't plan on actually switching to SD cards (I have several MD players stored away for the future), but was curious whether mp3 players with SD cards realistically work as a "format". (Compatability issues, whether SD cards can be trusted to play several years later, etc.) Sandisc/Sansa seems to kind of support the idea (most recently with microSD slots) but only on some models. And the players seems to be rather cheap. I'll look thru the other threads and see if anyone's tried SD cards as a portable music storage medium.
  9. Has anyone tried any of the mp3 players with SD cards? Do SD cards work as well as minidiscs, or are there problems?
  10. I use Hi-MD for the PCM setting, as my DAT deck is starting to show its age. (These are for home music recordings.) Fortunately I have several Hi-MD recorders (including a Onkyo deck) to last me well into the future. I use my huge supply of old "regular" MD discs, since 20 minutes is convenient for any single project (including alternate mixes, the backing, etc.) So there's no going back to regular MD there, since it's really a replacement for DAT. I also use Hi-MD for my regular portable listening. I mainly listen to compilations of music from different albums, so the longer the playing time on the disc, the more variety. As mentioned above, my old regular MDs get reused as 20-minute Hi-MDs for music projects. Needless to say, I was very disappointed that Sony gave up on Minidisc, aspecially Hi-MD, since it seemed to be the ideal Dat-replacement. I trust long term storage with MD over a stored CDR or hard drive any day. I've always loved the editing features on MD decks, so another disappointment is that Hi-MD decks didn't become available with these features. (The Onkyo's editing doesn't offer much more than what portables can do.) I'm resigning myself to computer editing, but it's actually more of a bother for me, since MD deck editing suited me well. So, no going back for me, in spite of Hi-MD being a format with no future evolution.
  11. That in itself is quite interesting. I assume the recording would be ATRAC or PCM? Are there any consumer recorders that actually record in MP3 or WMA? Come to think of it, are there any consumer line-in recorders on the market at all, now?
  12. Obviously begging Sony to release more MD units would be a waste of time. Tascam still makes (or at least still sells) pro MD equipment, tho it's not Hi-MD. Since Onkyo was able to make Hi-MD units, do you think it's at all likely that Tascam would consider doing a Hi-MD pro model? With many radio stations and field recordists using MD, you'd think there'd be a market for PCM-quality pro MD equipment.
  13. Soundwise, there should be no difference. Presumably the construction quality was more durable. Less likely to have mechanical problems (generally with the shutter) or flawed areas of the disc. I never bought those specific discs, but that's where quality should matter with a minidisc. As far as Hi-MD blanks go, are there any that aren't Sony's dark blue ones? That's all I've ever seen, in spite of different wrapping.
  14. I've definitely lost recordings this way. My AC-adapter can lose its connection if I'm moving the unit, while it's writing to the disc. I now wait until it's done before reaching for it to do any titling.
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