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  1. how do i see if i have ffdshow installed/how do i get rid of it? what i have done most recently -> i have recently reformated my computer, then immediatly went to installing sp2, then transferred my mp3's to the computer, and installed sonicstage 3.1, in that order. If i scan a folder for music, it closes or crashes, if i add multiple, or even a single file via drag and drop, it closes or crashes, if i try to import a multiple, or even a single file via the import menu, it closes or crashes. basicly, nothing has changed, way to go sony! And sonicstage is the only thing running, the only thing INSTALLED, on the computer. But sometimes i get lucky and can import a few songs. *edit*this just in. i tried setting the default mp3 player to ss and tried playing all my mp3's, that was a mistake, now everytime i run ss it immediatly crashes!! JUST as i figure i could only try to import the mp3s into the library as i wanted to put them on a md, i think the demons within ss sensed that i had figured a way to work around my problem so they decided to crap on my parade with an entirely new problem! This is getting ridiculous
  2. hmm, i dont think it's that even though i will give that a look when i get back home and maybe i'll luck out. it seems that i have the same problem as this guy -> http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=9991 and like him i get the same error : Omgjbox.exe - Application Error And, like him, i have reformatted my comp, and the only things on the comp are all my mp3's, winamp, a winamp skin, and sonicstage. and guess what? i still have the exact same problem, even though, just once, i was able to drag and drop 10 mp3's at once! but of course, this only happened once, now i'd be lucky if i can hand drag 2000 more mp3's one by one. since i have completely reformated my comp (i'm currently upgrading it back to sp2), i'm thinking it could be something hardware related, something inherient in my system, any1 have any ideas? when i get home i'm going to compare our systems and see if we have anything in common or anything else that could possibly lead me in the direction of a fix. hope this can get sorted out soon (as my rh10 is very limited without a new library) ~phaux
  3. got my rh10 today, and needless to say, im very pleased with my purchase, but my problem still remains, sonicstage can not import files! at this point, im up for any suggestions at all, a shot in the dark, anything is a start. has anyone had any problems remotely similiar to mine? i've tried installing from the cd i got, tried importing with that, upgrading back to 3.1, trying again, no luck, it hangs for a second, than it crashes. Gunna start looking around for anything that can remotly help. thanks again ~phaux
  4. hey guys, my new rh10 is actually coming tommorrow not today as i thought, so i have another day to figure this out. please guys, i would KILL to get this to work ,again, thanks in advance ~phaux
  5. SonicStage 3.1 crashes when i try to import more than 2 files at a time. either drag and drop, file import or scan folder. I JUST installed it so i dont think reinstalling will be neccesary because it's pretty much as clean as it gets so far. for the most part i can drag/import 1 file at a time, but of course, i dont plan to do that for a few thousand more files. Also, this is the first exsistance of anything minidisc related is on this comp. and my specs for the most part -> eMachines T2958 WindowsXP SP 2 Intel® Celeron® CPU 2.67 GHz 594 MB ram built in gfx card -> Intel® 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller Driver Version -> any help is appreciated! jsut getting ready for my rh10 to arrive 2morrow, and thx in advance ~phaux
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