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  1. I'm thinking of picking up a used R55 for sale cheap as a backup but want to know if it's Hi-MD compatible. Can someone here shout me an answer? i've been googling to no avail. **edit - i dont' really care about recording on Hi-MD, I'm just hoping it can PLAY a Hi-MD.
  2. Have any pics and specs? I might be interested.
  3. Gosh - I'm torn now. I'm half-tempted to buy a NEW RH1, but I'm also thinking that this might have to be "3 strikes and you're out" for Sony as far as my money goes. I've been looking the Zoom H2 and H4 today and they seem mighty tempting. It's just so nice to have a recorder AND player all in one little device. Ugh.
  4. Just pulled my NH1 back out... good player but dang it frustrates me after experiencing 24 working hours with the RH1. The gal I purchased from said she'd give me my money back, but I'm tempted to buy a new one... and VERY leary at the same time. Can't decide if I want to stick with this format after 3 "strikes". I WANT to love it. Poor RH1 can't seem to do anything now. Any connection to a pc simply meets with "access error". Ugh.
  5. So my brand new-to-me MZ-m200, after working flawlessly the 1st 24 hours that I owned, now cannot perform ANY kind of write operation. The most common is recording a new mic or line track. I let it record for however long and after the "Data Save" message goes away, the "SystemFILE Writing" message appears and never goes away. If I try to format a disc, same thing. If I try to transfer music in SS or format from SS I get "Access Error". This occurs with new discs, old discs, Hi-MD, regular MD anything and everything. Did it just decide it doesn't like it's new owner. I'm soooooooooooo frustrated since it seemed this player was everything I've always wanted from an MD player/recorder! I've tried 3 different computers, different SS versions. Different batteries...everything. My old player can format and transfer to these discs just fine. And what's even BETTER is this process with the MZ-M200 completely corrupted two old old MDs of recordings I had while trying to transfer them PC. ARGH!!!
  6. So.... haven't been around for a while, largely because I've not been using the MD much the past year or two. I became frustrated with record settings, clumsy uploading after buying several units which always got closer but never quite there over the past 8 years. But I just bought the RH1 (and MZ200 actually that I got a smoking deal on) and I have to say this may FINALLY be the player/recorder I wanted from the beginning. I've not been in SonicStage for quite some time and I'm noticing that the RH1 can now pass recordings back and forth at will and seems to move MP3s without conversion (and they sound pretty good)... Is this the result of a new sonic stage, e.g. can my NH1 now do all of this, or no???? And, I guess my biggest question is whether you folks think I ought to hang onto to the NH1 (considering hte answers to the other questions) or if I can sell it without regret. It was "almost" the player I wanted and the build quality still seems slightly better than the RH1 .... Thoughts. I know I know... I've browsed the forums for a good 30 minutes now and I know most of the answers I seek are here but I like conversation.
  7. I'm almost irritated after reading all this RH1 stuff today... Now I have to give Sony ANOTHER chance to give me what I wanted in my N707 to begin with ... BUT... I'm gonna give them the chance. I keep coming back for more. Just glad to hear there is so much POSITIVE feedback this time. VERY GLAD to hear. Well, better get to pricing one out and filling out my Craigslist add for the NH1.
  8. *bump* I'm also interested in anyone's experience with Reactive's Boost Box, particularly, or other true gain based batt boxes. Can I expect a vast difference in headroom by investing in one of these?
  9. Yeah - I was looking at those transmitters awhile back - glad I didn't go that route. A month ago I just remembered that my Pioneer cd deck (nothing fancy - about two years old now) had an AUX input and XM ready so I went to the local Car Toys shop and grabbed the connector to that bus port that converts to RCAs for about 10bucks and got another RCA to stereo mini at radio shack for 3 bucks which pokes out under my dash now. Now I can plug in my MD. Fantastic! I can listen to rehearsals as I drive home. Check to see if you current deck has an AUX input ability - if so you luck out.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. The NH900 has a dry pack that snap into the bottom (where I'm assuming the charging connection on that model is located as well)... I wouldn't think it'd be much of a feat to make the same thing for the NH1... or heck it could charge itself off the AA in the dry pack. Who knows.... Would be nice though. The whole cradle system, though i don't really dislike it, has me puzzled. I've no idea why they combined the power plug port with the usb port to be one and the same. Yet you can't power it in any other way other than the cradle and you can't utilize USB while it's IN the cradle. Doesn't make sense to me... But then Sony hasn't made sense in a while. If anyone has part numbers before I break down and talk to someone at Sony Style tomorrow that will have ZERO idea what I'm talking about, that'd be grand. CHeers.
  11. No, the NH1 does NOT use a regular usb mini connector - I have a nice collection those; my old N707 did use the mini and I'm a little miffed that this one doesn't. No, the connection on the player side is 100% proprietary Sony.
  12. Quick update to my situation/setup: I picked up a pair of the Soundpro's stereo binaurals at A440's suggestion, to use instead of my sony mic (in my sig) and MY GAWD! What a difference (and they cost less)! I've been recording rehearsal sessions lately and my bandmates won't leave me alone about posting the results which now sound NEARLY good enough for posting on our site.. MUCH MUCH more than I expected for simple reference recordings; the highs are so much crisper and the lows are rich rich rich. Now I'm thinking of grabbing a batt-box with level adjustments to give me even more headroom.
  13. I'm trying to track down a backup USB cable for my MZ-NH1 but cannot find any part numbers on Sony's labyrinth of a website nor anywhere else. I'm also wondering if there is a dry battery case available similar to what the NH900 has for it. Does anyone know if you can purchase this for the NH1? If so I'd probably forgo buying a spare battery (at 60bucks a pop) if I could keep a couple AA's and the dry case around for emergencies. And while I'm on the subject, it'd be nice to have a backup AC cord (I imagine it would fit into the usb/ac connector the same way the cradle connects) for the same paranoid reasons. As it stands now, my battery life is excellant, but when it's gone - it's just gone until I'm able to get home and plop it in the cradle for an hour. That just won't do for my worst-case-scenario thoughts.
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