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  1. When i got my first md player in 03 it was the MZ-N505. This nice unit was wonderful and enabled me to not use batteries during data transfer from pc-md. Then in 2005 It suddenly stopped recording. The little ribbon cable for the over write haed had worn out and broke making the unit useless for recording . I thn got a MZ-N420D. This unit was terrible and had almost no features! Then the other day I thought of something while cleaning the player. "everything looks the same inside. will it work in the N505?" With that i set up my soldering table and got my mini screwdrivers and iron supplies. It turned out that the over write head is the exact same! With much delight, I de-soldered the cable, removed and reinstalled the cable in the waiting donor: the N505. After reasembly i grabbed a new md and hooked the player to the optical cable that runs from my ps2. After a momentary recording i hit play and held my breath. To my relief IT WORKED!
  2. Thanks everyone. I just successfully completed the installation of sonic stage 3.2. I had to do some work with the registry. Thanks for all the help.
  3. I did download the offline setup but i got the 650k online setup. I also completely removed sonicstage from my computer gaurenteed and now i am ready to start. I will try to download the offline setup again and get back to you.
  4. SUCCESS!!! ...Well, almost. When reinstalling sonicstage from my cd i noticed that a folder was not created in the start menu. This means i can not use norton clean sweep to remove it so i used add/remove programs and after a very fast uninstall i checked sonic stages folder. This is where it gets interesting. Even though i uninstalled sonic stage it was still in it's folder and ran fine. So i am guessing that when the upgrade tried to install ver. 3.2 i finds the older version in it's place so it stops the install. Now i gotta find how to completely remove sonic stage and then i will be able to once again use my minidisc player! Now... how do i remove a program that will not uninstall itself and can not be removed by clean sweep?
  5. i tried the install again and still the same result. I also might of found out what is wrong. First, as mentioned, my computer is running at 398 mhz and is operating on windows 98 se. Probably the below-minimum cpu is causing the failure and since i am using windows 98 they might of accidentally said it would work when it does not. I will try once more and then i will just give up and see if you can figure it out along with sony support.
  6. Arrrg, i still didn't work. however i noticed that it takes shorter time to extract the files than when i first ran the installer.
  7. okay, i removed the codecs and and am now getting ready to install ver 3.2. I will tell you what happens. oh, and i am guessing that i have to reinstall sonic stage first form my supplied cd because i am guessing the download is an upgrade. never mind. connect.com is offline in my area. I gotta wait. Anyways, is the download from connect.com a full version of sonic stage or is it an upgrade?
  8. first of all: I tried ss 3.2 but it did not work. second, the links to the download-free full of ss 3.x lead me to the 700 k file. third, i know those codecs are causin no trouble but i will remove them anyways. and fourth, i have completely removed sonic stage and all it's components from my computer and am waiting to find out what to da next.
  9. oh, sorry. The sonic stage download still did not work so here is my sys info: Windows 98 SE with all updtaes and packs sonic stage ver 2.0 somple burner ver 2.0 nimo codec pack and divx codec sony MZ-N420D minidisc player and sony MZ-N505 500 mhz cpu (amd) 128 mb ram 4 mb video card usb 2.0 tape drive dvd drive zip drive ditto drive latest version of directx all but explorer were closed via the control, alt, delete screen. does this help?
  10. Judt recently i found out that there was an upgrade for sonic stage. I downloaded it and expected a successful installation but that was not the case. Just after it apparently completed the uninstall of the old sonic stage i get a screen that says that the upgrade was terminated. I re downloaded the upgrade with the same result. What possibly is wrong? I reinstalled sonic stage v2.0 form the cd thaty came with my MZ-N20D and the same result. Any help?
  11. Back in 2001 i received a small stack of minidisks. One of the disks were holding music which i liked but was not labelled. I liked the music so much that a week ago i realized that the door has broken off and the disk is starting to skip or not play songs. As we all know we can not remove music that was burned on another computer however this is serouos. Is thare any where on the net that has a ripping tool to remove the songs...even if the software is beta?
  12. I tried that and it worked. Thanks.
  13. I just got a new MZ-N420D for my birthday and now i am recording every song in sight. However, in some songs i get a crackeling. I tried in LP2 and SP but they had the same results. I checked the file itself which is .MP3 and it did not have this problem. Do i have to adjust something to fix this or are these songe too old to record? (the oldest song is 1973.) I can not live with the crackeling because it is too out of place with the misic and it usually occurs in moments of high bass.
  14. i hope this is the right forum this time. I have a TDK 74 minute disc that is wearing out and i need to remove the music and put it on a new disc. I can't remove the songs though because the tracks were put on a different computer and that computer has since movet with my friend to vancouver. I still get good sound quality but the little door tends to fall off and this gets the disc dirty. what should i do?
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