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  1. I haven't visited this forum in years, but driving home today I felt a sense of yearning for years gone by. I got home, popped in a frozen pizza and dug out my Sony MZ-NF610. I dug through an electronics drawer and found the RM-MC37LT remote that came with it, popped in Pink Floyd Animals and MARVELED....ABSOLUTELY MARVELED at the experience. What sound quality, I didn't even have to look at the buttons on the remote, they were intuitive like shifting a 5 speed. I swapped through headphones, first the efficient Koss and Grado RS-2, then the Senn 650's. Not quite enough power from the Sony to run the Senn's so I dug out another relic...a CMOY Penguin Amp made by Robert Gehrke in Germany. What a great experience tonight! I would not sell my gear for anything! A night to cherish really.
  2. The reason for selling is I don't use it. It was a promotional gift for signing up for classes with Sun Microsystems. I am in Chicago. Looks like it's going to Ebay...
  3. For Sale: Sony MZ-NH1. Remote and all accessories. 5 unopened and 2 opened 1 gig MD's. Everything MINT. Only used 1 hour to evaluate. Best offer to andysr1 (the @ sign) gmail.com. Goes to Ebay Friday. Thanks, Andy [attachmentid=975][attachmentid=976][attachmentid=977][attachmentid=978][attachmentid=982][attachmentid=983]
  4. andyk

    Wtb: Mz-nh1

    I've got a mint NH1 only used 1 hour, and 7 1 gb disks. 5 unopened. It is mint,mint,mint with everything but the original box. PM me with your offer if interested. I'll be gone until Monday night. Have a nice 4th! Andy
  5. andyk

    Shure Is Cheap

    Compuplus has Shure E3C's for $109. Sony EX71SL's for $32. Andy Clicky!!!
  6. Hello Ando82, What brings you to this forum?
  7. I've been lurking at Head-fi.org tonight, and I came across a review titled, "Personal CD Players through the Ages ~ A Review. It's long, but I get a kick out of the audiophile-speak. Well, the review got me to thinking that I haven't listened/compared my 2 Sony discmen to my MD players. So I went upstairs and rummaged through my 16 year old daughters bedroom to find one and dusted off the other I found in my closet. I threw in some AA batteries in both units, stuffed my Shure E3C's in my ears, and proceded to compare original store bought CD's to the MD's I transferred in LP2. By far, the MD players shine. I have a very hard time telling that I'm listening to compressed music. I also noticed a very annoying whine in the CD player built in 2000. The 1994 CD player sounded like I was listening through two rolls of toilet paper, it was so "unclear". It's been probably 6 years since I listened to the '94. Now I know what this review was talking about. The quality of sound from personal CD players apparently took a dive after 1992. Try it for yourself. Compare your PCDP to your MD. Which do you like better? Andy
  8. andyk


    Wow, no interest? These things are going for over $300 on Ebay WITHOUT the disks. I guess I'll have to put it over on Ebay. This is interesting...
  9. andyk


    For sale: Sony MZ-NH1 Approx 2 months old, used for approx 30 minutes. Included are all of the standard items that came with this unit: Remote,Charging cradle, earphones (unused), USB cable, software/manuals. Note: NO BOX. 1 opened disc, and 6 unopened disks. All discs are Sony 1 Gig discs. Reason for selling: I'm content with my SonyMZ-NF610. Asking $300 shipped to you in the good old lower 48 States. Not a lot of feedback on Ebay, but it is 100% and recent. User: 120ayt. Chao, Andy
  10. Have any of you checked out the different podcasts on the inkernet? Go here for a list and instructions how to get the podcasts. Clicky!!! I am currently trying doppler. One thing I have noticed is the quality of 99% of the podcasts is crap. The sound sucks! People aren't paying any attention to their equipment. A good majority are using the built in mike's on laptops, and their PDA's, etc. You can hear hard drive's running, clicks, and other annoying things. The MD would work great for this, wouldn't it? Andy
  11. andyk


    Check this out... Clicky!!!! Seems well suited for us, hace no? Andy
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