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  1. anybody else get a problem with jpgs which makes GYM unusable? The program tries to find jpgs which aren't there - this creates an unhandled exception error. Any solutions to this?
  2. After my beloved HD3 died, I bought a well used and bashed HD5H on eBay. I'd like to swap the case out for one in good condition - does anyone have an old player they'd like to sell to me? I'd also like the original box and manual if you have it. pm me if you're up for this. Thanks.
  3. I tried that earlier, but there's no manual for the NW-A3000 just the 1000 model.......
  4. I've bought a replacement battery via eBay because I only get about 4 hours life these days. Has anyone else done this and can give me a few tips on how to open the case etc?
  5. are there any concrete plans to support the management of atrac files within the program?
  6. The HD5 does support 128kbps at ATRAC3 and I use ATRAC because of better battery life and smaller file sizes...
  7. I've always converted and transferred my mp3 collection as 132kbps ATRAC3 files, but a friend said that I should use ATRAC3plus at 128kbps as the sound quality is better despite the higher file compression. Is this true? I thought that the only difference between ATRAC3 and ATRAC3plus was the different bitrates?
  8. if this is the case then the manual is very misleading - it specifically says that you can transfer between the HD5 and your computer....
  9. but I use SonicStage 3.2 and choose not to copy protect the ATRAC files when converting. I don't think the DRM is part of the problem???
  10. I've only got a 20Gb hard drive, so I have deleted all the files I transferred to the HD5. Does this mean that I can't transfer some files back to my pc harddisk and create some playlists?
  11. Hi it's my first post!! I bought an HD5 2 weeks ago and have ripped my collection as ATRAC files to the player. I'm trying to make a few playlists, but SonicStage doesn't let me copy the ATRAC files back to my hard disk. Can someone help me with this?
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