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  1. My bigger want would be a car deck because I listen to my HI-MD a lot while on the road... plugging that casette adaptor into the tape deck of my car greatly kills the good sounds of my HI-MD. A home system would be nice as well - although, when I'm at home, I may be all right without my MZ-NHF800, and still be able to listen to my music.
  2. Vancouver does not sell Hi-MD units anywhere. Future Shop has stopped carrying all MD players, period, though they still sell the regular MD discs. I think it is such a shame that MDs in Canada are just not popular...
  3. I recorded some live music using my NHF800 unit, used audacity to record the music as a .wav file on my computer, and then used sonic stage to to take the track back to the other MD that I have the collection of the same type of music on. When I play the MD track, I experienced a lot of tracks skipping. I listen back to the .wav file, and there was no such problem, so clearly it has nothing to do with the initial recording or the audacity uploading. Can someone suggest a reason for this, and give a possible solution? Thanks!
  4. This happened to me before too. But when I tried re-downloading it, it worked. Check to see if the file is of the correct size. The problem is not with your connection, it's with the site itself.
  5. I have the MZ-NHF800 and uses the ECM-D870P mic to record live music (from my music lessons). The sound quality is all right when listening to the MD itself. But when I upload the recording to the PC and plays it on the PC using Windows Media Player, then a lot of noises can be heard. I don't know if that is the same problem as the one you have stated here, Wendy.
  6. I am using a MZ-NHF800, and I actually am doing something for a youth group on radio. That was my reason for buying the unit. I don't know about your radio stations, but the one I go to uses regular MD discs to record sounds. I can use my NHF800 to record the sound (a mic needs to be bought) on a regular MD disc, and they can play on the units at the radio station, but the reverse cannot be done easily. The tracks I have recorded from the station, when taken back to my Hi-MD unit, can be played all right. But if I want to record it onto my PC, then there is a tonne of problems. I eventually got that resolved (with the help of the excellent advisors here), but the sound quality is not the greatest.
  7. I am an owner of a MZ-NHF800. And I am quite new to the whole concept of MD/Hi-MD. Here are some of my early reactions for my Hi-MD player, which was bought about a month ago: 1. The sound quality of the unit is excellent, much better than that of a MP3 player. I have tried to compare a CD track ripped into my brother's MP3 player vs my Hi-MD. MZ-NHF800 wins, hands down. 2&3. Interface is not very convenient. MD simple burner allows you to convert CD tracks onto your disc, and is very easy to use. But Sonicstage is a pain, even though it is not as bad as rumoured. Uplodaing tracks recorded elsewhere onto the PC is a pain. It took me a LONG time to learn how to use it. The unit has no ability to record straight from the radio remote (I bought an optic cable, and can now record via my radio onto my MD, but it's clumsy). Live recordings can be uploaded only once using Sonicstage. Having trashed my unit a fair bit, I must say I still really enjoy using it. It does most of the things that I want to do (though the process is indeed clumsy). The unit is not cheap, but I would choose it any day over a MP3 player even if it is cheaper.
  8. Personally, I would not want bluetooth for my remote. More wireless stuff, more radiation. Since we listen to our units for prolonged periods of time, I don't think it would be that good of an idea.
  9. Exactly what features are you looking for? MD players are pretty versatile in doing some different tasks, but in general are more complicated to use. I think if you give us more details, more would be able to help you.
  10. I have a MZ-NHF800, and yes, the absence of a back-lit light annoys me. I personally feel it is an oversight on Sony's part, and this does bug me. For a unit that you pay close to 300 bucks for, these oversights (if indeed they are) are not excusable. If it is not an oversight, then it is a poor decision (in my opinion) on Sony's part.
  11. Dex, Thank you very much for the assistance you have given. I couldn't get my PC to record properly, so I ended up trying to record the sound from my brother's laptop, and strangely, it worked! So I went back to my PC, and instead of plugging the cable to the line-in port, I plugged that into the mic-in port, and it recorded a sound! FINALLY!!!! Now, if you would pardon me in asking another question once again - is there a way that I can make the wav file a little bit smaller? Does this have to do with the quality of the recording process? I'm asking this because, even for the few sound bite tests that I am making with Audacity, the .wav files resulted are 2000kb for a 10 second clip. Is that normal? Or is the file too big? Thanks again.
  12. I wish I can help you, but I don't really think I can. SS seems to have all sorts of problems. I'm just wondering if you have looked at some of the pinned posts at various places here? There are alternate, non-Sony programs that may be helpful to you.
  13. Yes, this I actually do know. I wish there would be a hi-MD deck produced soon. But I think until they can make MD and Hi-MD more popular, there probably won't be a market for it.
  14. Thank you very much for the info. I'll try this at home tonight and hopefully, I can finally get my computer to record some sounds for me.
  15. Back-lit display on the remote, easier operations, fewer restrictions/easier on uploading from the MD to the computer, cheaper hi-MD discs, etc.
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