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  1. It's all personal preference, but I'd say stick with the auto gain control, use the line in and battery box instead of the mic in, and if that mic really is mono then maybe find a new mic or use an additional one of the same kind for recording in stereo. If the recording comes out quiet, are you able to do editing on a computer afterward and make it louder? Good luck with your next attempt.
  2. OK, I will run through this when I get home. Thanks. Ahh...Sony. Why can't this just be easy?
  3. I have three different SonicStage libraries spread across three computers. I have back-ups of each one that were made with the SonicStage Backup Tool, and now I would like to merge the libraries together and put them all on one computer. Right now I have an empty SonicStage 4.3 library on a new computer with Windows XP. Can I simply use the SS Backup Tool on the new computer to import all the songs from the three library backups, or will I run into trouble doing that? I searched to find out more about merging and did find this thread: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=20225 Is it still true that one library restore will overwrite another, or has this been fixed with a new version of SonicStage? Please advise. Thanks.
  4. I believe that this was their version of an April Fool's Day joke.
  5. Thanks for the replies everybody... the wizard of oz- I like that Tascam CD-01U Pro model you posted. Probably the best thing about it...no CD trays! I'll mention this one to the staff. bobt- I went to a club about a week ago and saw a great Pioneer CD player I want for myself now...the Pioneer CDJ-800. Maybe I'll spend some of my tax return money on one of those for the good of my own DJing. Then I should get some turntables too! Guitarfxr- That CD player is CRAZY! Sometimes I wish I was still in school around people who take on projects like that...quite the piece of work.
  6. Any news/talk of a replacement site? Similar sites?
  7. I'm listening to my radio show from this past week... Every other Saturday night I play electronic music from 10:00pm EST into the early morning hours...usually wrap things up after 2:00am. I record the FM broadcasts on my MZ-RH1 in Hi-LP mode. You can listen online by going to http://www.wgdr.org and clicking 'listen live'. current track: Underworld - Beautiful Burnout
  8. I'm working with a radio station to find some replacement equipment. Which CD player brand do you think would be better: Denon, Tascam, or 'other'? We started out with Denon deck that has pitch control and A-B loop, but apparently it is designed for stage and not for broadcast. We replaced it with a TASCAM CD-X1500 and I like the phase and pitch controls on it, but it ate a CD and it has reliability issues. So, we're back to the old Denon one which is worse, in my opinion. We use http://www.daleproaudio.com/ for most audio equipment, but don't have to... Please, recommend good CD player brands and models for a radio station. Thanks.
  9. Trouble like this happened to my MZ-NH1. I sent it to Sony for repair, but it still doesn't record right. I use it only as a player now.
  10. My advice is to save yourself some time and get an MZ-RH1. If you get a deck with optical out, you'll still have to record to PC or whatever in real time, and frequently the difference in sound quality you'd hear between line out vs. optical out will not be noticeable. It’d probably be more expensive than what you’re looking to do, but I like having the RH1 to do fully digital transfers of old MD recordings.
  11. RIP stage6.com. someone I know online made a good point yesterday...the world is going to HD and youtube at the same time!
  12. Can anyone suggest a good place to pick up a gold MZ-NH1? Obviously check eBay, etc. but if anyone has other suggestions or knows someone who is selling one please let me know. Thanks!
  13. So, even the MZ-RH1 is out of production now...is that correct?
  14. maybe if you have robot ears interesting. I was not familiar with skin effect.
  15. Hello. I haven't posted here in months...I've been busy with some "other" message board that's not quite as young and sexy as this one. It's nice to see that this place is still alive and kickin'.
  16. I've been away from the MD scene for a while...it's nice to see that MZ-RH1s are not being sold for a dime a dozen.
  17. Hi Oren, Welcome to the forums. You may have already come across this in your research, but here is the walk-through for restoring recordings using the TOC cloning process. A different model is used, but the process will be almost exactly the same. You will need a disc with one long track to be the source of the TOC to be cloned. http://www.minidisc.org/cloning_procedure.html
  18. You should tell her to post here on the forums!
  19. Hi Joanne, If you transfer your recording to PC by using the Line Out, you probably won't hear much of a difference at all compared to uploading it with an RH1 (even though that's the "cleanest" most proper way to do the transfer). So, it should be fine. I can't speak for Microphone Madness since I haven't dealt with them at all, but Sound Professionals should put you in good shape. You could get a battery module from them. Welcome to the forums!
  20. Yeah, that makes sense. I just figured that it would streamline the process and save a step. But hey, who am I to tell a giant global company what to do? A paying customer, that's who! If they told me to send it to Antarctica first I'd probably do it, unless it cost too much money or somehow caused a bunch of penguins to die. It'd be nice if we could recover recordings on our own without having to send them anywhere.
  21. ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ Good question. I wonder why the discs just aren't shipped directly to Japan for repair instead of going to Austria first. It would save time and money on shipping.
  22. If by 'old' you mean legacy MD recordings (non Hi-MD), they can be uploaded only if you have an MZ-RH1. The software will do it, but you need to have the right kind of hardware too.
  23. Welcome to the forums, bstct. I can't think of any electronic device that I've seen in recent memory with a design like that. Having the two extra buttons or even a Key button is not a bad idea, but it conflicts with the minimalist style of design that I think the Sony engineers try to implement. I'm pretty sure that all Hi-MD units DO NOT have the four buttons or a Key button that you mentioned, but there probably are probably several legacy units that have them. If you check the equipment browser at minidisc.org you should be able to find what you're looking for. http://www.minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html Good luck.
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