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  1. Hi, I was wondering, with the new SS3.4 being released and all (new players released after the 2nd gen HiMD as well), has there been any official mention from Sony that Mindisc is no more? Or are they just waiting for their cost-saving restructuring to complete (closure of plants, no more random product lines etc)? Because as mentioned before, there is no better solution for recording than HiMD, and now, there is no DRM! Cheers
  2. Whilst not strictly DAB, I have been pretty satisfied with the quality offerred by Freeview radio channels.
  3. Looks like an Euro NH600 for me then (again!). I figure that will do the recording, and then if I like it, I will spring for a mp3 Minidisc.
  4. Hi, haven't been here for some time. Basically, sold most of my NetMD gear, only have the bookshelf and a couple of recorders. Most of the time, I use the iPod which is fine, but just not the same as a mindisc (you know what I mean). So, I was thinking about coming back to MD world, especially since it will be nice to record my radio shows again. Is HiMD still the best optical-in solution for recording off digital radio, or has technology come up with something new? Heard the new iPod records nicely, but not sure if that is only for live recording with a mic. Thanks PS. Wow, I have really missed the whole different amazing looking players/disks thing.
  5. Michael1980


    These things always appear for popular electronics. Remember people smashed a PSP and put that on the web as well.
  6. Looks really good. MP3 from HDD, I believe the prev. Sony HDD bookshelfs only played ATRAC. The price is going to be monstrous though.
  7. I actually prefer the my mp3's transcoded to ATRAC than the same mp3's on the iPod. The sound is more uniform and just sounds better to my ears with the coloured sound.
  8. Optical-IN, is that something realistic on the iPod?
  9. But the battery life on the iPod is dire. You can actually watch the meter go down, similar to how you get on a PDA. I am talking about the 4G.
  10. Bloated. iTunes especially. It used to be about music and it did that very well (a bit heavy some might say). Now it does Video, Podcasts, PDF, RSS? And all of these badly if truth be told.
  11. Wow, maybe HiMD is not dead as was expected. Let's hope for the next generation.
  12. Is it (or would there be) a proper line-in, so say, you can record from digital radio and such at uncompressed WAV quality? Because it says "Voice recording settings". Is there any chance of an optical line in appearing?
  13. 2 hours of battery life for videos. Hmm. But for music/photos it looks like a decent product.
  14. Can't say I am surprised. I mean IBM Thinkpads sold their biz alltogether, with all this competition product lines like ours are bound to give way to something mainstream.
  15. Nice. I wonder if the new software supports dynamic playlisting which is all I need to switch from iTunes.
  16. Not really answering the question but the NV series Vaio laptops had a Net-MD modular bay drive.
  17. Bah, I would go for N910/920 instead of the N1/N10.
  18. Out of my units, nothing gets so many praises (based on looks) as the E10 does.
  19. iPod sold well because it works well. (Rover went under because they made bad cars. Simple really.) Regarding the home deck, offcourse it will happen. There is already a HiMD bookshelf from Sony, the deck will come in later probably with car units.
  20. If you have a NetMD bookshelf, then just connect the usb cable to the computer and you are done.
  21. Thanks for the responses. Just for information in case someone is having the same problem, I inserted the original CD, and then when the new hardware dialogue came up, just pressed the "install automatically" button.
  22. CMT373, Kurisu. It *should* just appear in Sonicstage under the transfer tab, but alas that is not the case
  23. 1. Got SS 3.1 running. 2. Plug-in my bookshelf, the device is not recognized and there is a "new driver" installation dialogue. 3. Obviously it cannot find any driver to install, since I am not putting in that SS 1.5 CD which came with the bookshelf. Please don't tell me I have to reinstall SonicStage . Any advice? (My other NetMD devices just appeared in SS normally without having to install drivers).
  24. I haven't connected a laptop except the first time to see if it works. All the functions are available without the use of pc.
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