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  1. Sparky191

    "IPod Police"

    I doubt this will ever happen. If it did I don't think its beyond anyone to find music on someone else gear. Its not exactly a hard task. Incidentally, some mobile phones can encrypt their own memory and the memory card in them. So thats already here.
  2. Sparky191

    Sony mz-nh1

    The only MD/HiMD with USB 2 is the last one the RH1/M200
  3. I know not to take seriously anyone who doesn't differentiate one generation, iPod, iPhone, MP3/4, MD/HiMD from another.
  4. Average user? Who is that. The average Joe isn't interested in SQ, and can't hear it anyway. The worlds most advanced codec isn't going to help if the music is from an unknown sources, transcoded umpteen times, then listened to with €10 earphones. Even of those who are interested, not many can hear differences above 192/256. The average Joe isn't interested in Lossless. Only purists are interested in Lossless, and I doubt most of them could hear the difference between that and hi quality lossy formats in a true blind ABX test. I dunno how any of this is backward. SQ is there is you want it.
  5. I think when you need to up the bitrate to enjoy the music, thats a sign of a good player as it highlighting flaws in low bitrates, which a good player should.
  6. A lot would depend on which MD, and which iPod. unless you're being specific, its just rambling gibberish. Anyway its doesn't really matter. Choose what you like, not what other people like. Satisfy your own ears. Why not wait until the SONY NWZ-X1060 is released before deciding? Personally I prefer players with decent buttons.
  7. I think I'd choose to believe those who actually have listened to these units and can make a valid comparison. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f15/ipod-tou...ressive-408270/ No one has heard the new Sony's yet. I'm sure they'll have great sound, and the Sony signature sound too.
  8. Funny on Head Fi most people thing the current 2 generation (2G) iPod Touch sounds very good. That people are writing it off with out having heard it, or making any distinction between which generation they are talking about, says it all really. I don't think anyone is heard the Sony NWZ-X1060 yet so I'd wait to see. That said I think its safe to safe its going to sound decent. Personally I have a Sony A818 and it sounds better to me than my NH700 HiMD, but with a bit more hiss. When I say better. Sometimes better on some devices can sound too clinicial, and I generally prefer the warmer Sony sound. I liked my NH700, but I don't use it now the A818 is just far handier to use and sound slightly better to me. My favorite MD's were the older Sharp units myself. If you're not interested in the PDA/Computer side of the iPod Touch you really are losing a lot of the reasons to get one. The Sony will come with half decent earphones too. I'm a bit wary of touch screens other than Apples as they aren't as sensitive and thus harder to use. So it were me I'd try the Sony before deciding.
  9. What happened with this, did you go to Japan?
  10. I have the following for sale, just not using it anymore. Working perfectly AFAIK. I'm in Ireland and no idea what this is worth, so I'll say €80 + P&P but open to offers. I'll try post some photos when I get a chance. Blue HiMD NH700, http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-NH700.html standard HIMD remote and (Oz) charger with adapter to UK socket. USB lead 1x carry cases, 1x slip case 2x HiMD Also Sony RM-MC38EL (I think) optical cable.
  11. Sorry I should have said I have no need for it, but it sounds great. No need to mention the RH1 at all.
  12. My lack of a RH1 prevents me from trying this. But sounds great.
  13. Nice thread revival. I take the point if you have a faulty or out of spec device or faulty or out of spec USB port/motherboard, it could damage the USB port and the motherboard its on. This would be especially a concern from a home made device. However I've never had a problem with USB charging in many years of doing it with my laptop. One of my current laptops which a couple of years old regularly has up to 4 USB drives 180~320GB running from USB power plus a MP3 player, and a phone charging from it all at the same time. I've not had any problems. I've worked in IT for years and never seen a problem either with boards being damaged from it either. Maybe theres a problem with the device you are using, and/or maybe theres a problem with that laptop. Theres certainly enough threads on the INTERNET about people with problems with their MacBookPro USB ports. For example...http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1032615&tstart=0 However this thread is about charging a HiMD form a home made charger which is a little different no?
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