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  1. Yes, thanks, I like that PCM-M10. Small, long battery life and can stick in 16 gig memory card. Thanks...
  2. Is minidisc still the latest and greatest? I've used a MZ-NH900 for some years and still happy with it for the most part. Batter life can be a pain but sound can't be matched. I use it to record Church services that I can later edit onto CD's and it's nice not having to filter the tape hiss etc.... However, I was wondering if there is better for this application. The fidelity of digital voice recorders were crappy when I bought the minidisc but I wonder if that's improved? At that time they were good for dictation and that's about it. No music that's for sure. It would be nice to record onto micro SD that can hold several weeks of services or a full week of revival and still get the fidelity and true sound reproduction that I get with my minidisc. No moving parts should greatly improve battery life. Thoughts?
  3. Thanks for the tip, I just ordered one of the Delta mics to replace the $10 jobby i currently use. I like the recordings i get with the $10 jobby so the Delta can only be better. Hopefully I still won't need the extention cable as I currently get no motor noise...
  4. Seriously Guys, Sony should be giving you and this site a commission or at least helping with the bills, I would have taken this thing back without you guys. Thanks a bunch...
  5. Is there anyway to turn this feature off? I could live without it...
  6. Yesterday while I was recording at Church my recorder recorded 1 hour and 4 minutes on one track then another 37 minutes on another. After turning it on and setting it down I didn't touch it again. What would it split my track like that? This is the first time it has done this and it appears to be all there so it is no big problem I am just curious why.
  7. Now you're cooking, Sound Forge has a time stretch feature. There is a preset reduction to 85% which speeds up the pace but doesn't change the pitch. It will take some time to do but I think I can selective speed up so less noticable less immpactive parts untill I get the size I need. This may be an option, THANX!
  8. This is what I usually end up doing plus I will include the good old faithful songs etc... that I like and have on most CD's. I am known around the Church as the guy with a copy of everything so I am always being asked for a copy. I give them away but would like to cut my cost and also my personal CD storage space. All my archived backup's are in MP3 and on DVD which I can play here at the house but not in the car.
  9. After making my live recording at Church I burn the sevice to CD. To do this I edit out everything I don't want and only leave just the stuff I want like the sermon, a few song etc... I make the recordings 16 bit, 44,1 khz stereo wave files. It never fails, I always end up with like 800 to 850 megs of stuff. This is not enough to waste a new CD but it is a little too much to fit on a single CD. I search for spots to edit here and there but I can never edit enough to fit it on one CD. What kind of tricks do you guys know of that might compress my 850 megs onto one cd? Even if I could burn it mono it would be ok but would the disc play in my car? I would drop the sampling one some of the tracks. Anything???
  10. Yesterday was my second Sunday recording, I toiled all night with the final descisions on settings. I went with low sensitivity and 15/30 as a medium. I just knew all was going to be great this time. No waving AGC, no overdriven preamp etc... I guess with all my testing and changing of settings I forgot one important detail, I got home and only had about 15 minutes of the service. You got it, I didn't charge the batteries. The 15 minutes wsere great but our pastor was asside himself and preached an extra good message. People were coming up asking me for copies and of course i said, sure! Live and learn...
  11. So you are leaving Michelle out the act already? What loyalty. JK, have you practised with this guy yet? Good luck!
  12. I would have to agree that with several storage devices, each with their own software. SS gives you less control and lets you set least personilized settings by default. For instance, where you want your files to go or be named... Then there is the codec situation. Wave converter should be part of the actual package and not an after thought. Why can't we set it to launch auto when the MD is attached to PC? All my other apps do.
  13. Not bad at all. Makes you feel one with nature...
  14. I didn't see it either but i figured i just didn't know where to look for it. Can someone else try to attach it?
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