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  1. THANK YOU guys!!!! My N1 and NH1 working fine with Win 7-64bit! SO glad, right after I found new batteries for the two units hehe My only issue is that SB doesn't boot but it's OK I can download/upload which is a BIG improvement hehe and try to fix it later.
  2. it happenned to me wit hmy NH1, I solved the problem by using the "hold" button feature. I noticed that when I do that it never stop, but when I don't use the "hold" switch it does happen, I guess sometimes teh walkman just hit my leg and it happens to hit a button also.
  3. does somebody have saved that file? I'd like to read it. =)
  4. For an Unknown reason, when you record by digital toslink, and the rec level set to automatic, The music level is higher with this MD than the exact same recording with any other MD media
  5. oops sorry for the late reply but yeah, it's compatible with all Hi-MD devices (not players of course) THe MCMD-R1 is teh perfect companion of a digital camera and HI-MD
  6. It requires 4 AAA bateries to work, very easy when you are travelling =) and so, you can transfert the pictures whenever & everywhere you want.
  7. Thank you guys, glad you like it, there are much more possibilities. I only describe the main ones, and I have the chance in my life to be able to enjoy all those features either for my hobbies or my job. And I don't see how I could do without it hehe
  8. HI guys, just wanted to share why I LOVE so much Hi-MD and just wanted to present its FULL potential connection possibilities (with some Sony accessories) I won't talk abotu the upload/download feature as it's the common feature that everybody knows about. Friend #1: The memory card reader MCMD-R1 Apart being able to play music, Hi-MD device can also store data, and especially pictures from any kind of memory card, you just require MCMD-R1 device: maybe it's simple idea but very usefull when you tak e alots of pictures and you don't have, or can't have access to any computer or laptop. Especially when you are on, the road or abroad, you don't need to care about free space to take pics, once it's full, just sit down or go to a cafe, insert the memory card into the device and connect it to the Hi-MD device. Click on "Copy" button and all the pictures will be copied into the Hi-MD media. You can then format your memory card and keep snapping the landscape =). just an other snap to compare the device sizes: Friend #2: The mic ECM-MS907 An other feature of Hi-MD device is that you can use it as a voice recorder: Just plug in a mic, and if you are a student, will be able to record the long and boring courses you have to attend hehe with new Atrac3+ compression + 1Go, you can record for a long time (just take care of batteries power hehe). You can also let ur your reporter friend borrowing your device and he can go get some interviews in the street or during important meeting. Friend #3: Cable line out You wanna share your latest tunes to your friends, you can connect to the line out the audio cable and plug it into an audio receiver an denjoy music with your friends. Well I use that cable most of time before the release of the MZ-RH1 to copy the track from regular MD to Hi-MD and being able to upload them to the HDD. INstead of connecting the MD device to the computer, I just let the 2 cousins from different generation "chatting" together hehe Tha's the original Sony cable that was included in all "old" MD recorder with real line out (my MZ-R30)
  9. thanks for the fast answer! and gift hehe =)
  10. I've just got a black DSC-T9, do you by any chance have that in your treasure icon box? =)
  11. the cool thing is to update SonicStage CP with that & we will FINALLY able to download true SP to MD either by SS or SimpleBurner
  12. nice pics bogon7, I was wondering if you don't use the short usb cable would you be ok to sell me one?
  13. Thanks Jaylen & bland1000, that is exactly what I want. I thought that it was known that the NH1 has a priority USB cable, apparently not hehe. for the price, well Audiocubes sells the long one brand new for only 25$...
  14. Hi Guys! I couldn't find a right category to post this so I post it here. I was wondering for those who bought those model from Japan, & don't find useless the short cable would like to give it away (if you're nice hehe) or sell me theirs? I take a lot of pics and I'm looking for the short cable as I have MCMD-R1 to tranfer pics from memory card to Hi-MD. The short cable is just easier to take along with me and easier to do transfer. the "long cable" is too long when you connect the 2 devices and it's annoying.
  15. I never had problem before...
  16. Hi guys, i've just noticed a big problem of this version, you can't edit title/singer/disc name anymore through device with that version, you can only edit it by SS.....what's the heck?
  17. yeah it, back in old years of MD, a player had a screen like that but in this case of the RH1..the Headphone/remote connector is not built in the right way but upside down....think of the device in your pocket, the side view screen is supposed to be up, then with this connector, the remote cable goes the other way around (down)
  18. What about the new "eaqualization" of levels during playback? is it smooth and invisible? or you can hear a fading up or down from 1 song to an other?
  19. it's also displayed on PSP
  20. I noticed that too....it's a step back from Sony. that was a complain abotu old Sony MD devices, that anytime you wanna play shuffle, it just play the tracks in the same order and even 2 to 3 times one track even it hasn't played all tracks ones. Sony engeneers solved that problem with Net-MD probably adding a new kind of equation that is renewed each time. But now with HI-MD this shuffle mode desapeared...weirdo
  21. interresting, it makes me wondering if the SP file can be downloaded as SP to other devices or only RH1 can do it?
  22. Asia

    HiMD ads!

    Sony HAS DONE ads for Hi-MD, you just haven't seen those. (well for europe, and Japan for sure, I don't know about other countries)
  23. we can see that the HiMD media will be inserted/removed from the left like with the RH10..
  24. if you care enough to read what I wrote I don't blame Marcnet... THIS sentence SURELY clearly does=>"the popular Hi-MDRenderer program, which gives a plethora of options for uploading from Hi-MD or NetMD devices. " I'm pointing out the fact that Kurisu's can be missleading people...if it's easier real time recording then it's not uploading... People in here kept blaming Sony for missleading Hi-MD users saying MP3 playable without mentionning after a pre-reencoding into Atrac3+...it's just the same situation here with "uploading from NetMD"(...heu I forgot...after real time recording to computer LOL)
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