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  1. Thanks a lot, John, I'll try that. Jack
  2. This worked: 'Try tip to pin 2, ring to pin 2 (on the other XLR). Shield to Pin 1 on both. Pin 3 is open'. It's left me with two channels, which is great, but a ground hum, which is not. Someone suggested putting a capacitor in but won't this reduce the signal? Thanks a/form for that link, it's technically beyond me, but I'm sure I'll get desperate enough to have it translated by someone with a brain. Jack
  3. Thanks, John. Looks like the soldering iron will be busy! Jack
  4. Hi All, Just spent the afternoon attempting to wire a stereo minijack to two XLR females to fit my Sennheiser mic which has two XLR male sockets. I ran Jack tip to XLR Pin 2, Jack ring to XLR Pin 3 and Jack sleeve to XLR pin 1 on both XLRs. Result - one channel in operation and nothing from the other, any suggestions apart from biologically impossible ones would be greatefully received! If anybody knows of a wiring diagram to get two channels of XLR out of one minijack I would love that too! (I also removed the connections from the sleeves on both without any effect apart from reducing an horrific hum). Thanks, Jack
  5. I agree with Dex mostly. For journo purposes MD is far too fiddly, Sonic Stage is a fascist imposition by Sony and thank God for Marc's conversion program. Although I've only had my HiMD for three weeks already SS has trashed one 27 min track. It seems fine on anything less than 10 mins. If the poster's wife wants simplicity then something with knobs would be more use than scrolling down menus in the heat of that important interview. Jack
  6. That's helpful, John, thanks a lot. Jack
  7. Thanks, I'll give them a try. Jack
  8. I used to use a Teac DAP20 DAT and a Sennheiser stereo mic for recording nature sounds, but because the batteries are so expensive (£96!) for the DAT I'm trying out a Hi-MD. I'd like to use the Sennheiser on the Hi-MD but the Senn has two XLRs and the Hi-MD a minijack. I can use adaptors but they are very clunky. Does anybody know of a breakout box or cable 3.5 mini/XLR twin (stereo) available in the UK? Or does anybody have a wiring diagram? Thanks, Jack
  9. Thanks a lot guys, I will try both HiMDRender and the Wave Converter, so maybe all is not lost. Another question if I may: I use Sennheiser and AT stereo mics for recording with balanced XLRs on the DAT, but people tell me that eitehr the ECM719 or ECMDS70P are appropriate for this m/c. Any recommendations? Jack
  10. Hi All, I would really appreciate some help... After 7 years of using a portable TEAC DAP20 digitape m/c I bought an MZ-NH700 and I'm having problems. I record nature sounds and normally just transfer them straight to the PC and Cool Edit as .wavs then downsample from 48k to 44k. Now I have Sonic Stage and .omg (oh my god?) and can do nothing at all with the sounds. Can't change them to .wavs, can't get them into an editing program. I know I could come out through the headphone port in analogue onto digital tape but that rather defeats the point. All I want to do is record and then edit the sounds in either Cool Edit or Sound Forge. Am I missing something? Is there anything I can do, or is this machine and software a toy? Any help/advice really appreciated before I saw through my veins with a minidisc? Jack
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