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  1. Any CD I tried did the same thing, but out of curiousity I tried a new blank Hi-MD and it was okay. Went back to the original MD, same problem again. This might be a daft question, but is there a limit on the text a disc can take?? I only ask as it's a choral & operatic compilation and there are a LOT of veerrryyy long track titles on there.
  2. After FINALLY getting my PC to live with SS and Simple Burner, I've been happily transferring shedloads of CDs across to Hi-MD using Simple Burner. Filled one disc and got halfway thru' a second when it suddenly stopped imporrting the CD info across. cddb found it fine, and the info appeared in the CD window. It even showed up in the Hi-MD window as it was being recorded, but once recording had finished, the CD and every track on it just appeared as 'UNKNOWN'. Any clues??
  3. I'd be happy at this stage if I could even reformat!! Anything I try via the unit's menus (MZ-NH600D) just returns the same 'CANNOT PLAY OR RECORD' message. I knew I should have bought that 'pod.....
  4. Having bought a new PC to enjoy the 'delights' of SonicStage last week, I'd spent a couple of nights loading up my first 1Gb disc with about thirty or so CD's via MD Simple Burner. Played back fine via the unit. Tonight I come to add some more - the right hand window says that it's unable to perform record as the device is being used by another program What's worse is that the MD unit then displayed the 'CANNOT RECORD OR PLAY' message, which the manual suggests means there is no audio data on the disc that can be played on the unit. Anyone come across this?? There was twenty-odd hours at 48kbps, which I was enjoying while out and about earlier today.
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