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  1. hey guys, im editing a concert i have recorded. i have the .wav files on my computer. i just wanted to know how, if possible, to increase just the vocals on a track? im a total noob when it comes to anything like this. in the past i only used audicity to amplify songs, and even that was too complicated. i actually ended up using windows sound recorder, and increased volume. it actually worked pretty nice. thanks in advance
  2. sorry for replying to my own post but i just ran some tests. there is obviously static with the shirt over the mics, but i didnt really notice much in a sound quality difference. so heres a new question. what tricks and tips do you guys have on reducing static from the shirt rubbing against the mics? i have no clue, maybe tape a something on my shirt that will reduce it. any suggestions would be awesome. thanks.
  3. hey guys, you guys are all the best, and i need some help fast. im going to be going to a concert this weekend. im thinking all the security will be watching. i wanna totally conceal my mics. like have them under my shirt or something. what is the best way to do this, and what are the best settings? any insight will do. here are my specs sony mz-nh900 SP BMC-2 mics Radio Shack Volume Attenuator thanks to everyone in advance. you guys know everything ::edit:: i just wanted to add one more question. if i have the mics underneath a thin cotton shrit. will that have a huge difference in the sound? will it have a lot of distortion? i will be testing this myself, but i trust you guys with everything
  4. ill blame you whatever happens A440 ill keep it on low. im thinking itll just consist of a piano, and cello. there could be drums, not to sure though. but thanks for the advice.
  5. hey guys, i just needed some help on rec settings for a smaller type show. i have no clue how loud this thing will be. one good thing is, i will not have to be incognito, as the artist doesnt mind fans taping the shows. so i guess i dont need exact settings, cause ill be able to play with the volume levels. but, do you guys still recommend the volume attenuator for these smaller type shows? can i leave the mic sens on high instead of low? thanks!
  6. hanz0

    Headphone Amp?

    im not one to blast my stereo. although, i think my hearing is not as great as most. ive seen noisecancelling headphones and they seem to be quite expensive. i spent enough on my sennheiser 600hd's. ill be using my bose triports for the trip, i dont wanna bring my precious sennheisers
  7. hanz0

    Headphone Amp?

    ok, just got this today. it definitly boosts the volume with not much distortion. im not really an audiophile so i cant be that specific, but it works. with the boost on and the volume on my player at 20/30, it sounds about how it would sound at 30/30 w/o the booster. the real test will be when im on the plane
  8. i have a set of sennheiser 600hd's and a set of bose tri-ports, and the nh900. the bose head phones seem to be louder, but obviously not as crisp as the sennheisers. not sure if that helps, but thats what i noticed.
  9. hi guys, i was wondering if anyone knew of any free software for making music on your computer. i dont mean for recording musc, i need a program that can create music. i used to have one, that you could choose any instrument and just write what notes you want to play, and combine all sorts of instruments. thanks.
  10. hanz0

    Headphone Amp?

    thanks for all the responses..i went ahead and bought the one from boostaroo. 29 bucks, i figure even if its not that helpful, it wasnt too much.
  11. hanz0

    Headphone Amp?

    im in the US, am i out of luck?? seems like these amps are pretty expensive, i dont think i will buy one.
  12. hanz0

    Headphone Amp?

    im not really having a problem with clarity. its really just the volume. i have 2 sets of very good headphones that give clarity, im just looking for a volume boost.
  13. hanz0

    Headphone Amp?

    hi guys, im gonna be going on vacation shortly and wanted to know if theres a kind of headphone amp where you can get higher sound from my hi-md player. i have a sony mz-nh900 and the audio on the playback is not the best. im thinking while on a plane or in a noisy area, not to mention ears-popping, the sound will be difficult to really enjoy in those situations. i dont know if theyre called amps though. do these things exsist? thanks in advance!
  14. actually once i really listened to it, there were points that got a little high. in hindsight, i shouldve left it at 20/30. i really dont know how i can give you samples...if you have a way for me to do this, i can
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