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  1. Thanks , it's just that my Sony Centre in Aberdeen said they wouldn't have stock in until the end of June :-( ........
  2. Where in Scotland did he buy it ???
  3. They're going to call me if they get an earlier date PLUS as I was the first enquiry they had received, they mentioned a discount !!!! Even if they throw in a couple of HI-MD discs, that would be enough for me.......
  4. Was in my local Sony Centre today & they have a UK release date of 29th June @ GBP 249.00 ........... so looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer, not happy !!!!
  5. I visited a Sony retailer at the weekend and he wasn;t aware of the new model, then he said minidisc was dead & he still had stock which was over two years old & wouldn't be stocking any more minidisc. He then went to the new product guide & 'found' the new md but was insistent that he would only order based on a confirmed order. Guess what - I won't be ordering from someone who a) doesn't know what product is going to become available & was so critical of the format in the first place. No wonder md isn't popular of even the retailers have no confidence in the product !!
  6. I'm in Aberdeen but haven't had time to go to the Sony Centre yet but will do shortly - can't wait, credit card at the ready..........
  7. This new unit is awesome - roll on when it's available here in Scotland, UK as I'll buy one immediately !!!! I ahve something like 400+ normal md's which I'll now be abale to start transferring via pc, quite brilliant !!!!
  8. Pappasito's Mexican Cantina or the Pappadeaux Cajun Seafood = sheer bliss !!!!!!
  9. Guyj Thanks for all the info - very much appreciatted. Fry's sounds like my kinda store, if I can get an RH-10 for less than what it is here in Scotland (160 GBP / USD 280), I'll probably buy one. Can't wait to get back to Houston, been a couple of years since I last visited & I know the weather at the moment is particularly good, as my Houston colleagues continually remind me every day we talk !!! Hoping to go & see R Kelly on Tuesday night if tickets are still available, can't remember the venue but again it's down town. Will report back on my findings , tks.
  10. Lookslike I'll be buying a sh*t load then, maybe even worth buying a RH 10 if the cost is attarctive, tks for the info ...........
  11. Tks, I'll see what I can pick up that isn't available here in the UK, hopefully some bargains, what's the prce of 1GB HiMD's over there as a general guide, here they are about £8.00 each...........ouch !!! TSM
  12. Tks, what's the name of the shop, I'm staying quite near there so will definetely make a visit ...........
  13. Visiting in two weeks time, just wondered if there's any shops worth visiting for any MD bits ???? TKS TSM
  14. Hi Jonny, any clues as to part numbers from MAPLIN or whatever, I've go to go in there next week to get a charger & batteries for my new headphone amp so could get it while i'm there. Tks, TSM
  15. But I'm not ravelling in my car so this doesn't apply, thanks anyway.
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