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  1. How about the stuff that Auto Parts Stores sell that they use to fix the rear window defrosters. This is a conductive liquid that has a very high silver content. Comes in a small bottle with an applicator brush. It's consistency would also allow application via a toothpick

  2. These were improvements in ATRAC encoding. Type R was a 2 pass system that was incorporated into portables when processing power became powerful enough to do the extra processing. Type S improved the ATRAC3 performance in a similiar fashion. Both of these changes were to the encoder and required no changes to the playback processing

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  3. Don't know how many discs you have, but the RH1 would save you a lot of time. The transfer will be faster than real time and titles will be retained

    The optical out on a deck will not ALWAYS put track breaks in the correct spot, you will go through the conversion from ATRAC to PCM before it goes out the optical link.

  4. Several companies now have NiMh batteries with a very low self discharge, these come pre-charged and will loose only about 15-20% of their charge in a year. Sanyo's model is eloop, Ray-O-Vac has one also (don't remember the name). Look on the label for pre-charged or ready to use. These are 2000 MAh, so not as much power as the newest conventional batteries, but they will work for standby.

  5. Older units actually had circuitry to manage the 2 batteries. The RH10 just puts them in parallel. If both have the same voltage (a rechargeable in the case or a partially discharged alkaline) they will both be used together. Otherwise, the alkaline will discharge until it has the same voltage as the gumstick, then both will be used together. Some recharging would be going on as long as the alkaline has a higher voltage than the gumstick. This part could have been better designed

  6. Do you mean blowing it out with a high pressure air hose ? I would think that would be much worse than what ever dust could get into a closed unit. You could damage the optic block/ lens assembly. If you use air, you should use the low pressure air available in cans for cleaning out cameras. The zip lock should work very well

    Did you actually see dust in the unit ? Their is no air movement in a MiniDisc so I would think a closed unit, if wiped clean before opening, would get much dust in it

  7. The fibers are nylon and are there to give strength to the wires, their is so little copper in there the wire itself would be too weak. You may have some trouble soldering the wires because the fibers will melt and prevent a good electrical connection, so be careful about that. Join same color to same color and you should have a working remote.

  8. I have bought several of these also and have had no problem.

    A bit of warning though, do not overstock unless you plan on using the batteries. Lithium-Ion batteries will gradually loose capacity just sitting around, so they do have a shelf life. That is why laptop manufactures do not recommend buying a spare battery to use when the original goes bad, after several years the replacement will also have lost much of its capacity. I am not sure if cycling through them will extend the life. Just don't plan on storing some for several years.

    Does anyone know if cold storage (not freezing) can extend the shelf life of a lithium-Ion battery ?

  9. The G750 remote will not work with the 700 but the RM39T will.

    I believe the Sony repair policy on older machines is repair or replace. I would ask as I believe they have the option of giving you back a different unit (used but working) instead of a repair.

  10. Standard playback: the order the tracks play back without any shuffle, play list etc. Just play the disk

    Generation of a file: I often have several copies of a track that are edited differently, several "generations". That terminology may not be the best, but that is what they are called on computers when files have been updated.

  11. I was referring to the File Name, not the ID3 Tag.

    I am aware of filelists, that is why I said standard playback order. I find that more convienent. I find building playlists a hassle many times unless I have a quick way to do it.

    Changing the generation of a file is still easier simply because I can have several files of the same name. Yes you can copy a newer file into a directory and it will replace the one with the same name, and also wind up at the bottom of the standard playback order

    These limitations will also apply to MP3 recorders, one of the suggested replacements for MD. I thought we were discussing replacements for HiMD

    My comment about renaming etc was assuming a PC is not available. I do not carry a PC with me camping, many times when I travel etc. I may be gone days at a time, nice to be able to do some things without a PC.

    I am not saying HiMD is the ideal solution for everyone, just saying it has some very definite advantages for many uses and trying to bring up some that are rarely mentioned even on this forum.

  12. Depending on your use, sound quality is not the only factor on selecting an audio player. Some things I find VERY useful about MD is:

    1. I can have several files with the same name. You cannot have this in the same directory on an MP3 player.

    2. I can change the order of the tracks in the list that sets the standard playback order. On an MP3 player, the order is the order it was copied into the directory.

    3. If I want to put a different version of a track I can copy it to the Minidisc, delete the old version, and move the new one to the same place in the file list the old one was. It will play in the same order as before.

    4. If I find an error in a track name, album title, artist, I can correct it right then without a computer.

    5. Since I often deal with tracks of several hours, it is very convenient to add track marks on either side of unwanted material and delete it, rejoin the tracks. Takes less time then copy track to PC, play again to find what I want to remove, and rejoin. I just do it as I listen on my MD.

  13. I am using SS 4.2. I uploaded some tracks from a HiMD disk. I then tried to make an MP3 CD from SonicStage and get an err message saying the media does not support the file type. I tried the same operation on another machine with SS 4.2 with the same results. Anyone tried this and had it work ? The files I uploaded were originally MP3 files that were not DRM protected. I had lost the MP3s and wanted to recreate them without going to .wav and then to MP3.

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