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  1. mmh,.. As you wrote you already tried to record with the R2 itself. I think this is the best test you can have to separate if it's gone or not Another try would be to have a MD recorded (for example with 3 Tracks) with the Nh700 in SP (with its analog or digital in). But this should result in a similar disc like the Sonic Stage option. You said you hear a whirring noise. Does the disc spin? or does it feel that the head is moving? So if not you can try to lubricate the headslider with a sewing machine oil (or comparable). I hope this old buddy is coming back
  2. Thanks Avrin, This thread is been a while, but I really appreciate your discoveries on the RH10. I love that device and the odd limitation of non-SP-Mode recoding was annoying me a lot. Cheers and keep us updated if something new occurs Lutz
  3. Hi Principito just have the same trouble My HDD crashed and I installed everything from the scratch on a new HDD. Now I can't open my analog recording (mostly LPs) anymore. I might have the possibility to start the old HDD again for some seconds, does anybody know if there is a file or something else I could replace on the new SonicStage installation to recover my license?
  4. This is a example about the relation between Soft- and Hardware. The biggest advantage of MD Decks are the better D/A conversion and better preamps for the analog-output. This does more effect to the Sound than the difference between Hi-SP and Sp. And Of course they improved the Sound for lower bitrates. A comparison between Sony 940 or 980 (SP) against the Onkyo 133 (HI-SP) would be very interesting
  5. eMDe

    RH-10 output?

    I'm not shure but think with the EU restriction it's about 3mw and without it (which is pretty easy to change ) it's about 5mW. This sounds poor compared to your figures about the I-audio. But it is enormous, even much more than you can use with normal headphones, realy believe me. I don't know what this figures about the output can realy say about the volume of the Output, but I thought my older MZ-R30 provides about 10mW output and it is has much lower volume than the Rh10. Before deciding technical specs against another, have a try with both units. You will see that the Rh10 provides more volume than you can tolerate ** edit: R30s output is 5mw, but its lower anyhow.
  6. Yes I thought so too. but I read about a difference in the German minidiscforum and wondering about it. He wrote about more detailed sound with the Rh10 compared to the Rh910. And more neutrality in the lower Frequencies with the Rh910. Wich is could be a good behaviour when you use it often on your Stereo System. For my opinion the Rh10 sounds Great, but compared to many MD Decks he provides a slightly bassy and less detailed Sound. For Portable use I'm realy in love with it but connected to my Stereo I miss a Digital out, this feature would nearly been able to get over the gap of Hi-MD Decks.
  7. Of course I can Understand your easy setup and I'm shure it can satisfy. But for me it can't replace a real Deck. I realy enjoy the usability of my S39 Deck although it plays no Hi-MD and the Sound of course. It's much better than my RH10. How do you set it with the Rh910? Or is it related to the Music you're playing. and incidental, do you have experience with an sound difference between Rh10 and Rh910 I heard they are diffrent, but never had a Rh910. **
  8. I suppose that you tried it with different Hi-MD discs. And the Media could be exlude of the problem. Send it to your Sony-Service, it seems to be broken Maybe your motor failed or whatever. They will fix it... And don't worry about the EQ Hack, this won't harm your Porti good luck
  9. Thats perfect, a big improvement.
  10. Thanks for your reply, but does it also effect if the Material is analog/digital recorded stuff from the Rh10?
  11. Hi Forum its an easy Question about DRM wish is maybe answered a lot since SS3.4 is released. but its hard to find with the search function and I hope someone could help me out. I am recording alot radio-mags with my Rh10 in Hi-SP, after I cut out some Songs with the Unit itself (loving MD for that )and transfer the Songs into SonicStage. Now I want to collect them all on one extra playable Hi-MD disc. My Question: Is it possible to tranfer this Songs again into any SonicStage installation? I like to erase the Songs after I put them onto the Hi-MD. Or is it only posssible if I reconvert them into the same bitrate like it was the times before? thanks
  12. Nice idea from bland10000, I realy like it. But it could be more confusing than anything else.. I would vote for Hi-SP 352 or HI-EP for "extra"play
  13. eMDe

    RH910 or RH10?

    And are your Live events mostly on days with bright weather and it's not going into dark? If not buy the Rh10 because the OLED Display is much more than a nice feature if you want to record in dark surroundings. It's one of the biggest improvement compared to the 1.Gen Hi-MD.
  14. Yes.. the only "Weird" thing I did was using a lot other Programms during the faulty upload. I'm not shure if my Ventor can help me with that. I will have a look and if this comes up a second time I'll return the Rh10. But for the future i'll let the PC just running SS while uploading files over 60min. What's about your experience in Uploading Tracks or Groups wich contains more than 60 min. of Sound Material?
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