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  1. Hi, welcome to the forum. could you please be more specific about the error message you get when you're doing this ? Phil
  2. I really like that recoiling cord mechanism. Awesome. Never saw it in any headphones. Only in vacuum cleaners.
  3. I took a Atrac lossless 352kbps file from my SS folder and saved it within SF in the same format and bitrate as .aa3 Renamed this file to .oma and imported it into SS. Then i converted this file and the original one to .wav and did a compare in my Audio editor. There were no differences found. So there are no alteration of the original file going through SF for editing.
  4. I tried this already Dex but SS is still refusing to transfer it to my MD. Prohibited. Did you transfer it ? UPDATE: I just converted the imported file within SS to the same format but with the copy protection box checked and now it would transfer to the MD. Is there any transcoding involved with saving the imported files in SoundForge to just the same format as .aa3 ? Guess i'll have to try by myself Dex.
  5. I did it a try after i heard of the added Atrac importing feature with the new SoundForge 8d update and were disappointed because you get stuck after you save the edited Atrac files as .aa3 and can't get it on Hi-MD through SonicStage or the poor implented Net-MD export feature which only gives you LP2 files on normal formated MDs. So WHAT ? So at the moment it still is the best to export your Atrac files to .wav directly within SS or HiMD-Renderer and to treat your files with any Editor you're used to.
  6. Of course i installed immediatly the new 3.4 version as soon as i heard about that i can finally do direct cd-imports with 352kbps or even better Atrac Lossless with that new high bitrate but i'm missing the possibility of having control over the convert options when i right click my imported .wav files and select "convert to Atrac Lossless". it will convert automatically to 256kbps without prompting. Is the only way through the "convert to..." menu entry ?
  7. Maybe you should give Hi-MD-Renderer from marcnet a try. Download here and look into the Support section of the forum http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showforum=102 there is a new feature added since version 0.50: * Support for getting audio data direct from HIMD. *THIS ONLY WORKS FOR AUDIO THAT ORIGINATED FROM THE PC* also * THIS HAS NOT BEEN FULLY TESTED - USE WITH CAUTION* though i think while you're getting the message thay your files are from another computer the app won't help you much. what you always should do before modifying/updating your system/software is backup the SonicStage library. This you can do with the included Backup-tool in SS.
  8. a great summary dex,thanks well, i guess my posts are really something confusing actually i was interested in how the optical-in of my HiMD works either i'm making PCM copies of CD's or want to transfer old SP MD's to computer for to burn them on CD or to copy it back to MD(formating in HiMD for saving valuable MD disc's) I just read here http://forum.ecoustics.com/bbs/messages/1/92.html about the costs for the previous mentioned Software/Hardware Bundle from http://www.esdl.co.uk That's 5000 euros!!!
  9. very interesting dex, so the output format of the data stream at the optical output of my HiMD is always PCM and is re-encoded to ATRAC at the source MD device ?
  10. thanks dex, i just thought with recording my old MD discs from a Tascam MD-350 i have at work to my Hi-MD in PCM through a digital-to-digital connection i can overcome the limitation with sonicstage to transfer "oldschool"-SP recordings in a bit accurate manner... anyone knows how much you've to pay for that modified MD-SCSI-drive from www.esdl.co.uk, just sent a mail but holidays are near so i think i won't get an answer this year the specs are "PRO"
  11. thanks ozpeter, you saved me some time :-)
  12. I was starting to doubt about the possibilty to make "perfect" copys of cd through the optical in of my MD after i read this Indeed, the optical input seems pretty suspect to me, certainly not providing the kind of bit-accurate transfers you normally expect from such an input - it resamples even 44.1kHz inputs, and as mentioned above, goes through the level control - though having said that, you'd have to have good ears to detect the difference unless you'd changed the volume. but what about the SYNC-REC function, will this bypass the level control...? i guess i have to make bit comparison after uploading the different variants and letting you know about the results
  13. well, let's not forget about another restriction when you transfer tracks to MD with SonicStage. you can't set track marks and divide your material -"Trk from PC NO EDIT" is showing on display so waiting a little bit more is recompenced with having more flexibility handling your stuff on MD.
  14. well, i think pansypistol actually did an install at another machine...i carried the stand-alone installer on Hi-MD to work and installed it there today on a W2k SP4 system which doesn't have an internet connection. i had the same problems that SimpleBurner weren't able to find the unit though it appeared as a removable disc at explorer. maybe i just did't give enough time...also SonicStage refused to start despite of lacking "necessary files for Windows Media" ??
  15. @ DJ Maedrik i think the tuner is built into the remote and has nothing to do with the MiniDisc unit. It's an independant electronic device and so you can't change no settings through the MiniDisc service menu.
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