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  1. I ended up getting the MZ-N420D. I like it a lot. Although it took 20mins To transfer 45 Songs... at LP2. I have yet to try LP4 mainlly because making playlists are a pain! HA HA HA I am gonna try it probably tonight or tomorrow.
  2. Hi All. I looked around this forum and hadn't found the answers for questions I have. In actuality I've looked on lots of different sites for answers, to no avail. I've been wanting to purchase an MD Player for years now, but the Software provided by Sony has been bashed since the inception of the first NetMD. Since then, I've been reading that Sony's updated their software and it's easier to use. Is this true? I guess the meat of the matter is this. I have mp3's that I'd like to transfer onto an MD... and have it work basically like my Sony Mp3 CD Player. It's fairly easy to do with CD's, just drag and drop into Nero or any burning software, create folders and burn. Pop it into the CD player and you're done! Does the newer version of SonicStage allow this kind of ease? Also I understand that SonicStage must convert Mp3's into Atrac files. Does that conversion process take long? I've read that earlier versions of the software took an immense amount of time (to the point that the speed was almost equivilent to 1.5x) yet I have yet to find somewhere that mentions the improvements that 2.x has over 1.x. Also does the level of compression dictate the amount of time it takes to convert the files. I know these are n00b kinds of questions... but I couldn't find it on my own without buying and using an MD Player outright, Which I might do irregardlessly. I may not even use the software (but I could be wrong in this sense because I've never used it) and make Virtual CD's and transfer them that way... Anyway thanks for any help you can provide.
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