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  1. I agree and I posted a few days ago ( http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=21860 ) re getting ss 4.2 which should work better. I was unable to get 4.2 (so far) from sony support . I am hoping someone can post an independent copy of 4.2 or another version that works well with XP.
  2. I am very sorry. I did see this but none of the links in this thread worked for me. Some of the links linked to nothing and I was leery of subscribing to the outside company mentioned in one of the posts as I avoid downloads from unfamiliar websites.
  3. I have read many of the posts re SS4.2 being better for non vista users. Yet, many of the posted links no longer work. How can I get SS4.2 or barring that another non 4.3 version. Thanks
  4. I have had 4 computers (with 3 OSs) crash while I am operating simple MD burner. I am very concerned. I am almost ready to buy a simple laptop with minimal capacilty just for the purpose of burning to md. I have successfully buned about 150 discs or more but the simple burner seems to really tax my system. Any thoughts?? Right now I have windowns XP and a dell machine that has been working perfectly for one year until I tried to burn some minidiscs on it!! arggh
  5. These programs used to work but I returned from a trip and they dont seem to recognize either my HI-MD (mznh600D) or my regular MD (mz-ne410). The computer seems not to recognize the device no matter which USB port I use. I tried to find drivers for these here and on sony site but failed. I placed the CD rom with sonic and burner in the drive but couldnt pull drivers off there either. Finally I uninstalled- then reinstalled sonic and burner (it claims to have disc drivers on the disc, if I understand correcxtly) and still the devices are invisible to the computer- help!!!!
  6. I think I may have virus on computer. May therefore need to save files, wipe disc and reformat. Will I be able easily to reconstitute ss with my current library? How? Will there be files I can no longer upload or download as easily as i would have if no reformatting took place? I have both a hi-md and a regular md.
  7. lyceemoliere


    How random is the shuffle function? Is it different in each model?
  8. Does the above mean that there are even more cds that may have released gremlins than were described a few postings back? If so- is there a list of companies and/or cds that we can check our cd collection against? (I asked a similar question above and there appeared at that time to be a very limited list of cds with thewse gremlins) Does this mean that theres a larger list to check? Or worse still- no accurate list to check? Are there computer files to check for and where would one find these?) BTW- Hooray for Spitzer!!!!
  9. Does this virus live in all sony cd's? what labels should I look for? If you dont download songs to ss but just use simple burner- does the virus get access to your computer? how can you find the virus?
  10. I use a cassette adapter in my car to attach my minidisc player so I can listen to minidisc in the car. I recently rented a car and there was a cd player only so I couldn't listen to the minidiscs. Is there an adapter that one can use to listen to minidisc in a car with no cassette deck but just a cd deck?
  11. Would people have the same suggestions for recording lectures? does the size of classroom matter or do these work equally well in a large lecture hall or a small classroom?
  12. i followed the link above, then when i tried to download the program. it asked for lyceemoliere and my password so i typed it in. then, when tried to download, i get the winzip icon with md_simple_burner under it. If i try to click on the icon, i am aksed to buy what looks more like winzip than simple burner. i went to the following: http://forums.minidisc.org/downloads/details.php?file=2 which led to---> http://forums.minidisc.org/downloads/files.php?cat=2 which led to----> then i get a grey box that says file name: MD_Simple_Burner_2E.zip file type: winZip File from: forums.minidisc.org and asks me to open/ save /cancel/ more info if i open or save it i get the winzip icon with MD_simple_burner on it and if i click on that, it asks me to pay $29 or get a trial version .am attqching the icon that results [attachmentid=927] winzip_icon.doc
  13. simple burner stopped working on my computer so i uninstalled it. i have the original disc but its bundled with ss and i dont want to risk losing my library by using the disc as it looks like both install @ the same time. I found the download listed above (by kurusu) on th "hosted site" but what actually downloaded was winzip not simple burner and i cant figure out what i would be buying for $29. It looks like it is not simple burner at alll. Any ideas of places i can get just simple burner via download or ideas re using the disc bu t avapoiding downloading sonic stage?
  14. I am so sorry but this didn't work when I tried this. Do I need to get rid of any albums names ( I originally copied some of the tracks from cds using simple burner). I was unable to move either the folders or the tracks of the others. Write protect was not on at the time. Any thoughts? I have ss 2.3
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