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  1. Pants! Well that's just typical! I bought my first MD recorder only a few months ago and I think it's great. It's definitely dual purpose - for good quality recording line in or mic in with adjustable compression as well as the now more common jukeboxy application, especially with HiMD. I spent a lot of time researching possible applications and MD, with nice removable media that you can give to other band members and duplicate for them etc. (can't do that with an ipod), was the ideal choice. Bet there's a larger choice of compression protocols than your typical ipod type device too. I mean what else would give you that that multi-faceted value for money? The emphasis with the flash and HD players seems almost purely jukebox with the emphasis on personal and playback rather than communal and play/record. People seem to be content with non swappable media and grotty recording possibilities. Consumers win over quality again! Maybe I'll go back to my chrome cassettes...
  2. Don't get me wrong, this machine certainly fits with the multiple use (quality recording+distribution/High capacity playback/audio notepad) functionality I was requiring in the first place, even before I bought my recording cassette walkman. My gripe is with one of the main functions of the basic hardware/software combination, which will now take further downloads and/or other software and internet fiddling to solve. This all relies on me having some sort of internet connection of course. And to me (being a newbie to all things MD), it's not obvious the basic setup will not transfer LP2 data to the computer for compilation and further distribution. (In fact I'm not even sure the latest version of SS will support LP2 transfer to the computer - I'll have to check the data on this forum.) Otherwise I believe the machine is good, operates well and is of a decent size. It may be that I have to use a Hi-MD format for my live recordings and archives and convert to LP2 for distribution. Maybe I'm guilty of not pressing sales people for more technical data on the software? It's the element of pot-luck you have to bear that I don't like. I mean even if someone on the sales side said (hopefully correctly) yay or nay to some function of the software say, it might be that the software only intermittently supports that function because of bugs (due to well catalogued reliability problems with SS). But then I suppose that's just going to be more of a factor, the more complex the hardware and software get. Sorry, griping again. Anyway, many thanks also to all those involved in the obtaining of SS3 to perhaps make native LP2 transfer support possible. Ta.
  3. The tracks were recorded in analogue format via the Line in connection from a pre-amped microphone source, so there are no copyright issues. Right, Ok, I've just found the prohibitive clause in the SS2.0 help file which effectively prevents me from importing anything recorded in a standard MD format. Not Hi-MD format but Standard MD format. I must say that is pathetic. I mean what is the reason for that? It's Ok in Hi-MD mode but not in LP! One of my main reasons for buying one of these units is to maintain compatibility with the earlier standard MD codec units so I can make one recording of a rehearsal, upload, archive and distribute copies to band members who have LP mode MD players. So I've been recording in LP2 format to make it easy for the software to not have to do any conversion during the transfers. Even the software tries to do the transfer before announcing it can't do it! The software is as confused as I am! So not fully backward compatible then? Not as a standard package anyway. Why should I need to download the latest SS? For all Sony knows I might not have an internet connection. It's all a learning experience isn't it?
  4. Hi, I realise I'm using older software but is there an easy reason to explain why my machine will not complete standard format LP2 transfers from MD to computer but will complete Hi-LP transfers, from discs that are nowhere near full or fragmented. The software doesn't prevent me starting the transfer but at 50% transfer it declares an error has occured and that it is unable to complete the transfer. I am trying to transfer line recorded, non copyright, analogue recordings on new, blank discs. Is it just my mistake and SS2.0 will not transfer LP2 format tracks to the computer (even though it tries to do the transfer) and I might need SS3.0 to cure the problem or is it something deeper? My computer is a P4 1.4GHz with Win2k SP4 (all latest updates) and 512k RAM. Also could you just confirm this for me: After the files are across on the computer, I understand I should be able to make multiple copies of the files to different MDs (because they are not copyright protected) and also archive them to CDROMs. It's frightening looking at all the postings about SonicStage problems - how one piece of software providing basic functions can be so unreliable and not do what it's billed to do. Anyway, thanks again.
  5. Thanks. I'll have to have an experiment with this transfer myself to see whether this might cause problems for me. Fred
  6. Thanks for all your efforts. I look forward to seeing the results. Fred
  7. Given the above experiences, what are your software recommendations for uploading a disk full of 240+ LP2 line in recorded tracks (totalling 80 minutes) to my Win2k SP4 computer for combine/divide operations and then distributing resulting tracks onto two further disks. Is it safer to audition and edit directly with the recorder which may take hours I fear? I can't believe there's not a safe software method to provide this operation. Thanks.
  8. Right! After much deliberation I've finally bought a case. I visited 4 shops yesterday (camera shops mainly) and found many cases (Lowepro and Crumpler included) most of which were unsuitable. The majority of cases seemed to be either way to big, not wide enough or not have any storage for disks or remote control etc. Lowepro do have quite a large selection and their Rezo 20 seemed useful and a good size for the recorder (NHF800) but not wide enough to fit in any discs. Crumpler have some good cases also but many again not wide enough. They do a simpler alternative to the Case Logic NPC2 Neoprene case in their 'PP' range of photo bags though. Closer match for my machine and accessories was a Samsonite Trekking case - TREKKING DF-10 BAG. This I think was wide enough to fit a couple of discs in their sleeves into the front pocket while leaving plenty of space for the recorder in the main pouch with the remote sitting on top of it. The only problem with this is no zip on the main pouch - you have to trust a piece of velcro. I didn't really want to risk it. The bag I eventually went for was ironically a Case Logic product. This I found more suitable and sturdy than their dedicated neoprene MD case. It's a DCB3 and is similar to the Samsonite case above but has both compartments zipped and an overall clipped cover. Nothing's falling out of that! Not quite as much room inside, so the remote won't fit in, but the idea is the remote should be outside anyway I suppose. You can fit 2 discs in their sleeves in the front pouch and the (still plugged in) earbuds sit on top of the recorder in the main pouch if you want to do that. The remote could clip to the cover I think. The case is obviously larger than it's neoprene cousin but the contents are that bit less vulnerable and you can fit other bits and pieces in it as well. Loosish belt loop on the case and clippy shoulder strap provided. It was no more exensive than the MPC2 at 7.99UKP. Anyway, hope that helps those searching for that elusive 'perfect' Minidisc satchel. I've had a go at finding it - but unfortunately I'm not sure it exists! Fred
  9. I've been into a few shops and found some non-dedicated MD cases. They're aimed more at camera/PDA users but MD use is also very possible. The manufacturers of a couple of favourites are 'Lowepro' and 'Crumpler'. I'm going to have a look at some tomorrow, hopefully and I'll let you know the findings.
  10. It would be nice to carry a couple of disks with the player as well - possibly also some earphones? Any ideas?
  11. Can anyone recommend any decent cases for the 1st generation Hi-MD recorders? Or even recommend any source of cases for minidisc recorders? Do you know whether they are currently available in the UK? I've really only so far found a couple of CaseLogic cases, both of which seem to have been slated by most people who have reviewed them. Thanks people.
  12. Thanks for your comments. You have reassured me about my new aquisition. Good to know Sony has progressed into more the more advanced (and noisier) recording technology!
  13. Here are the audio clips recorded from the two machines to compare. They are both in 128k MP3 format. Sorry they are that size but I've been trying to maintain the quality whilst still keeping them small enough to download. The R501 recording is of pressing play on track 1 after putting a previously recorded disk in the player. The NHF800 recording is of the player lid being closed on the previously recorded disk and then settling down. I think the clicky rattly sound seems to come out fairly well. See what you think. Thanks in advance. Noisy_minidisc_demo1_MZ_R501.mp3 Noisy_minidisc_demo2_MZ_NHF800.mp3
  14. Yes, I'll record it tonight and post it later. I think I know what it is though. It looks to me like its the worm gear controlling the tracking of the head across the disc. It sounds like it's a bit too loose though. The other recorder I've used has a similar sound but it's very definite and quiet - unlike this which to me sounds a bit rattly, loose and unintentional. You're right - additional track finding all over the disc causes more of the sound as it seeks for the next track. I'll record a comparison tonight and post after.
  15. Just trying my new MZ-NHF800 model (from UK Amazon) which is great apart from the new kind of rattling noise which occurs during about the first 20 seconds of each track change or start I make playing back a disk (in LP2 mode). This kind of noise isn't like the typical disk whirring sound I got from the MZ-R501 recorder I've been using. It sounds more like the sound you'd get from the recorder if something was loose within the case and you vigorously shook the machine! It sounds perhaps like head adjustment or something similar in the first 10 seconds, which then occurs less and less frequently, until it stops after about 18 seconds until the track number is incremented and it then starts again. In a quiet room it can be distracting if the track you're listening to starts quietly. The manual describes something about 'mechanical noise' with the player - Is this what it's referring to, or have I received a damaged machine? (Everything seems to play very well though. I've not yet tried any recording with it.) Has anyone else experienced the same noise? Many thanks to all of you, by the way, for the posts on all the threads - it's all really useful information and opinion for a MD newbie like me.
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