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  1. Well, having troubles again. This time I renamed a couple albums ("Ballbreaker" became "15_Ballbreaker", for instance, to sort them in my NW-HD3). Now he gives an error when I want to transfer them. "An error occurred while transferring" Here's a screenshot when I just tried to convert them into a different format. (The format is atrac, and the file plays, so it's in an excisting folder, it must be something with the rights?) What cán I do?
  2. Hello there, On my father's computer at home I've installed Sonicstage 4.0, and it works just fine, actually. I've bought a new computer for myself, on which I've installed MP3 File Manager, that also works fine, but I can't rename my files or albums. No problem, with my new computer I had plenty of capacity to download, install and use Sonicstage. Now here's the trouble, I can't run Sonicstage on 2 computers and use it with my NW-HD3, because of a copy security or something like that. I suppose I can't rename my files with MP3 File Manager, does anyone now which program (except Sonicstage) does the trick. Thanks in advance, Tom
  3. Tometal

    Sorting CD's NW-HD3

    Thank you, but the HD3 doesn't support playlists. I liked maggior's idea. Megadeth also rocks, lad
  4. Tometal

    Sorting CD's NW-HD3

    Hello there, When if go to 'artist', my cd's aren't in the right order. Example: Iron Maiden, the first cd has to be 'Iron Maiden', the second 'Killers', 'Number of the Beastand so on. This doesn't seem to work. How can I order them by year?
  5. Aren't they all useless? Full of bugs and problems, none of 'em workd. Gym, ML Sony....
  6. Another thing you could try: buy a case logic case that's made for an ipod or a minidisc.
  7. Tometal

    NW-HD3 big problem

    Ok Guys, have I got news for you. My player works just fine, I transferred a lot of CD's in atrac and they play. I can also navigate very quickly in my player, it doesn't freezes. And..I just transferred Velcro Fly from ZZ Top in MP3 and it works fine. A little detail, when I transferred a lot of MP3's who didn't work, I did it with MP3-file manager, so maybe there's the trouble!
  8. Tometal

    NW-HD3 big problem

    Hmm, all my MP3-files don't work. I've deleted them and replaced them by atracs, who work fine. The player stopped freezing, btw. Maybe it's just allright, I try 'n transfer some MP3's tomorrow, otherwise I'll take it back to the store. Thanks for the (possible) help guys.
  9. I should consider (I'm also still considering one) a leather carrying pouch from www.noreve.com. There beautiful, but expensive.
  10. Tometal

    NW-HD3 big problem

    Yep, first thought that was the problem. I suppose I could take it back to the store, but it's possible they keep my player for more than a month, and I'm going on a holiday next month. Perhaps I could mail sony for help, on which email should I do that?
  11. Tometal

    NW-HD3 big problem

    No, never dropped it. Isn't it strange mp3-files don't play but Atrac files do?
  12. In the service menu I can also see 'clock'. WOuld this mean Sony is working on new firmware to build in a clock in the near future?
  13. Tometal

    NW-HD3 big problem

    I've formatted my player and just put 2 gb of music back on. Now when I try to play a song, I can hear 'machine gun noises' in my headphone. Sometimes the player just freezes, and I have to put the player off. Somebody please help me. Edit: I've tried transferring a CD in atrac, and this seems to work. Only MP3 doesn't play.
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