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  1. Hey Matt, What do you think of this allsop minidisc rack I have? Also probably the RH1 has the most 'HiFi' looking display IMO
  2. I figured the N1 would be worth very little, maybe thats the one I'll keep just for memories. I tried looking up completed/sold listings on ebay, but all I can find is info about the RH1 and NH1, no results when searching for any of the JDM units like the EH1, NH3D, EH50, and EH70. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hey there MDCF! Been a while since I've been here, looks kinda different . I tried posting this on audioTstation, but I can't seem to login to account anymore :/ I was once a huge MD enthusiast, but as the time goes on I've used my units less and less. At this point they're just collecting dust, and I've found a buyer who is interested in the majority of my units, I'm just trying to figure out what their worth. If anybody here would be willing to chime in, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm going to just attach my spreadsheet from excel, copy pasta is not working well. Units: RH1 - Clean, has the hairline scratches on the display (don't they all?), seems to work well NH1 - Clean, has marks from where the stickers used to be on the back NH3D - Clean, has 1 or 2 small scratches on the finish EH1 - Okay condition, has a good collection of scratches and flaws, but works perfect, and still looks good EH70 - Very rough, one of the plastic trim bits needs to be glued on EH50 - Very rough, N1 - Physically good shape, read/write error https://www.dropbox.com/s/gnoef0nu8hrv20j/MiniDiscChart.xlsx
  4. I don't think the technology is far enough advanced yet, still quite costly, and it hasnt got much on one of those little TDI volks, or even just a smaller gas car. I'd pass. PS: Welcome to the boards.
  5. Where are you located?
  6. If the CD plays seamlessly between two tracks, so will the MD Even through sonicstage.
  7. Couldn't seem to get it to work unfortunately, perhaps because it was off HDD, but I can try and check if you're looking into that as an option, let me know.
  8. I used to use my Slim PS2 because I found the PS3 did not send track marks, not sure if I tried the 360, does it send track marks?
  9. Well its all Non Hi-MD so no there is no PCM being written to MD, however, when dubbing 1x SP the player takes the PCM from the CD and transcodes it into SP through a Type R encoding chip, but when you dub a PCM CD to a MD at a increased speed, it is unable to use that Type-R encoder, instead it uses a older encoder, capable of handling the increased workload that highspeed dubbing introduces. I think.
  10. Well thats the difference right there, with HighSpeed dubbing the unit can't use its advanced Type-R Atrac encoder, it uses an older variant, which wont sound as good, but I'm not sure how much difference there is, try them both
  11. Yea if you're willing to give up some features from the RH1, the NH1 is smaller, still offers a TON of options, and has very very little known issues. + Uses the same battery for interchangeability.
  12. Well I'll just have to take your word on it then, just find it hard to believe one of those DN430 can best an RH1 for any type of sound quality..
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