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  1. Well... at least made it a little bit more clear for me. Thank you so much people! So, if asking Sony is the only way now - why not? Let it be Sony...
  2. Usually but not always, right? Is there ANY chance? Maybe some other computer programs can help or other devices could read it? Is there any other special forums on this topic in the i-net?
  3. The problem is, during playing and editing tracks the battery had run out and then the pleer switched off with the message "system file writing". When I'd changed the battery it said "system file writing" once again, and then when I tried to press "play" it said "cannot record or play". Neither could SonicStage do. Disk used is Sony MDW80 formated in HiMD, recorder is Sony MZ-NH700. The thing is, the battery did actually run un out several times when 1Gb HiMd was playing, and it was OK after that. Can these recordings be recovered by any means? I'll be very grateful for any help or advice! Thank you.
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