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  1. Sorry I don't accept trades, I need the money. Thanks for asking.
  2. I am selling all of my md recorder, except the RH-1 MZ-NH1 (Silver) complete in the box, excellent condition, mostly just sitting in the drawer SOLD MZ-NH900 (Silver) brand new complete in the box never used SOLD. MZ-RH-10 (Orange) Japanese Edition brand new complete in the box $ 250 Cad. MZ-N910 (Orange) complete in the box excellent condition $150 Cad. MZ-NH1 (GOLD COLOUR) Japanese Edition complete in the box brand new never used $300 Cad. If you pay with paypal please add 3.5%, Canadian residents please pay via EMT. Any questions please feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking.
  3. Not need to worry, the tracking system is sucks, like mine just suddenly arrived with no update. I guess you will get it early next week. Good luck. If you are in Montreal you can just email them usually they will reply quick especially if you want to buy something, or you can just pop in, you can see the address on their website, right?
  4. Edit: I just received the Package at 1:32PM, I am so excited to transfer all my old recording to the computer.
  5. Not only you even me I amin Toronto only 5 hrs driving still haven't got the item, here is the tracking report: 2006/07/05 19:46 VALLEYFIELD, QC Item accepted at the Post office 2006/07/04 17:24 ST-LAZARE-DE-VAUDREUIL, QC Item accepted at the Post office 2006/07/04 17:05 PIERREFONDS, QC Shipping details electronically submitted Expected delivery dat July 05, 2006. Sent Emails 2 times to MDC no reply, so what we're gonna do now? filling a dispute through paypal?
  6. Sorry I did not see if you ordered from other places.
  7. I placed the order last week Tuesday, I still have not get the order yet today, the tracking said I am supposed to get it today, but as usual CP is sucks.
  8. Same story everywhere, I still waiting today for the arrival that what the tracking report said, expexted delivery July 05, 2006. Oh well I hope this time is gonna be right.
  9. Sorry Kurisu for double post, I could not find my previous thread, that's why I posted the new one, also now only R-900 (Red & White) available. But thanks anyway for the links.
  10. I have 2 MD Recorder for sale: MZ-R900 (White) WYSIWYG $ 125.00 MZ-R900 (Red) brand new never used WYSIWYG $ 150.00. All units are in very good condition. All prices in Canadian Dollars. Any questions please feel free to PM me. Thanks for looking.
  11. Price Now $250 Cad for all 3 MD Recorders, shipped anywhere North America by UPS Ground. Thanks for looking.
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