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  1. Hi again,

    Thanks for that. I actually realised after some research that those thin wires used in earphones do already have an insulating coating on them... that's the coloured coating on the wires - the red and green stuff! I just scraped some of that coloured substance off the ends of the wires to solder them on. Its just plain copper wire under that. So YES, they are perfectly safe to use as is without any additional insulation. My N1 worked fine after that except the wires were initially too short and they prevented the head mechanism from reaching the end of the disc! DOH...

    Thanks again!!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks to this post i've been able to diagnose why my damn N1 won't record anymore! So i've pulled it apart and sure thing it's the broken ribon cable.

    BUT before i go about replacing it i do have a question i need to ask... Does the replacement wires need to be insulated?? I've looked at those tiny multi-cored wires as used in earphones wrapped around the fibre core but they don't appear to have any insulating qualities (other than the thick black plastic on the outside which would prevent the magnetic head from moving to much wouldn't it)? Wouldn't the two wires short together or short on the metal chassis if i just solder them up without any insulation on the outside of them?

    Sorry, maybe i just missed something basic here??


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