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  1. You can only edit the original recording on the unit by inserting track marks. Once you have uploaded to SonicStage and then downloaded to another disc you cannot edit. You can split tracks uploaded from HiMD within SonicStage and then download them to other discs.
  2. Sadly, as far as I am aware there is no way of scheduling a recording with the RH1. If you put the RH1 into Record/Pause it will turn itself off after 5 minutes if it does not detect any sound. Only a deck has the ability to record in this way and of course there are no Hi MD decks. If you do have a deck then you can record and upload to the computer from the RH1...
  3. Any particular reason you want to upgrade? Apparantly there are no real advantages for MD users and if 3.4 does the job why bother. If it aint broke, don't fix it
  4. Visit ebay - they usually have stacks of them.
  5. This is a question that keeps appearing but the answer is down to individual perception. If you find a lower bitrate to be acceptable then don't be persuaded by someone else to go higher just because they think it's better! It's your ears and your enjoyment (and your disk capacity too)...
  6. What sort of mike did you use and what sort of noise are you talking about?
  7. Don't forget that with the NH900 you can use AA batteries in the add on pod. Search the forum for batteries - the standard battery that comes with the NH900 can be upgraded to a better battery. The NH900 can be used without the remote. Others may be able to help with your other questions.
  8. Import into Sonic Stage, Right click the items you want to convert and select Convert Format. You can then select the conversion option.
  9. Being able to upload Net MD will give my Deck a new lease of life. Using the timer switch means I can catch radio progs whilst I am out an about and then upload quickly.
  10. Bummer! No free HiMD disc from the Sony Shop!
  11. Just tried mine which I have sitting next to me at work. Both the display and T Mark buttons are quite firm - presumably to prevent accidental pressing.
  12. I got mine two weeks ago from the Sony Shop. It was a display model and the only one in the store. I didn't hesitate and spent my £249. I'm impressed so far.
  13. Even with quick mode on your external battery shouldn't drain as quick as that - mine certainly doesn't. Check that receipt!
  14. Sorry, but it is not possible to use HiMD discs with Net MD units.
  15. I walked into the local Sony shop on Tuesday on the off chance that they might have the RH1. They had, so I got it. It was their only one (display model) and cost £250 but I wasn't going to argue! I have not used it with the remote yet but used it to transfer NetMD recordings. There was one file which the PC at work would not allow me to transfer to HIMD but when I tried it on the lap top at home it worked ok... The same thing has happened again and I will try it at home to see if it can be resolved. Apart from being able transfer my old NetMD recordings I can see that I will use my deck a lot more whereas it was looking that it might be a bit redundant. One of the settings relates to Firmware - does this mean that Sony are likely to issue upgrades to the firmware in the future?
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