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  1. hello there! could you tell me more about the "hack method"?! i have a full load of original live recordings which i can't access anymore since i formatted the HD... I've got the oma file but seems like i lost the priviledge to access my own shit!! I didn't know anything about all this DRM stuff before i formatted the PC!!!! god damn Sony!!! I would appreciate help... thanks chiara
  2. Guys thanks to all of you very much for your advice! last w.e. I finaly bought a NH700. I'm quite happy now :-) yes, it is abit bulky...I hadn't seen a real one before and in the pictures available on the net they all look much slimmer!! no pic actually shows the battery vane! Anyway, no big deal for me!! the battery took forever to charge...dunno why... I find particularly unpleasant that it denys some functions (such as recording) saying that there isn't enough battery....but it's still got plenty of battery for playing and doing other things!! This means that I have to spend a life time do discharge the battery before I start charging it again! a part from this the first recording experiment was really exciting!!! fantastic quality!!!( I'm using a sony mic ECM 907). I now have some serious big bad recording with very little fiddlig at all! The uploading also worked ok! The sonicstage is really bad! (lets not swear!) It's very good if you want to buy music from the sony website but its shit for all the rest! First, not user friendly at all!!! second I would like to upload and convert into a different format (MP3 or wav)...but it seems like it doesn't do it! Do I necessarily have to burn a f... CD?!!!! I had to install another software called "wav conversion".... And to convert in MP3 I used "HIMDrender"... is there any easy way around this?!! To complete the bad points, sonicstage is taking forever to convert my MP3 before it puts them into the MD... All I'm doing is transferig a CD full of MP3s into the MD...but is seems to take forever! Any way around this?! Finally...it refused to convert and transfer one of the files because of proprietary rights................this really gets me furious!!!!!!! To conclude the HIMD is a really nice little toy I'm really satisfied... but the software is a pain....any suggestion to get around it?! thanks otto PS: I believe I'm using the last verion of sonicstage 2.3....
  3. thanks! Well, I just spent about $90 on a mic...I think around $150 would be still reasonable to get an MD. I've been looking at the NH700 and the NH900. I noticed that the 700 doesn't have a line in but just a mic in.... does that make much difference? can you still record from a line source using the mic in plug? do you know of any other appreciable difference between the two models?! thanks otto
  4. Thanks, that's a clear explanation! Unfortunately all the models you quoted seem to be still a bit pricy Anyway, got the idea now...I'll probably go for an NH700. On ebay I can see loads of Sharps at very low price... Do you know if there is/was any sharp model that allowed pc uploading?! thanks a lot! otto
  5. sorry, I'm new about MDs...hope I wont sound heretic! Well, this is what I would like to do: record a live concert with an MD and a proper mic (I just bought a ECM 907). Then I would like to transfer the lot into a pc but not in real time. Rather as data streaming...maybe with a USB? I other words I would like to leave the sound card of my pc out of the way... Is this possible at all?! Could anyone suggest me a few models of MD that might do teh job (possibly at reasonable price)? I am particularly disoriented by the fact that some Sonys seem to be able to transfer music from pc to Md but not viceversa!! Is it possible to overcome this problem....how?! and with all the models?! thanks very much!
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