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  1. I have recently been video taping a band while on tour and I need a better source for the sound. I have been looking into a DAT recorder but find them a bit pricey. After some research on Mini Disc Recorders, they seem pretty decent and inexpensive for now. The bands tour starts again next Thursday Feb. 24th and I am hoping to have a set up by then. Can some one PLEASE just give me a starting point on why type of recorder they recommend and any other items I may need such as types of mics and what not. These concerts will probably be in smaller venues and be very loud. I was thinking of placing the mics and recorder in the rear of the room and hanging them from the ceiling or using stands. Any suggestions on the best placement of the recorder and mics would be great. I wish that I had more time to do research on this, but unfortunately time is short. I do plan on learning as much as I can even after this tour, but I need some help REAL QUICK. If anyone could please email me at josh@unarchyrecords.com with any suggestions or help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Josh
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