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  1. What you could do is starting the installation on your PC at work, then locate the downloaded files (I don't know where the installer puts those) and then place them in the same place at hom, and run the installer again, on your home machine. But I don't know how this exactly works. Regarding my nickname, I don't address anybody with it, it's just the name of a figure (a camel) in a novel by Terry Pratchett (In English, it is called "You Bastard").
  2. Well, it works fine for me, see Screenshots: Installer 1 Installer 2
  3. Sure, I DO like it - been here often before, but only reading... I'm way more active at http://www.minidiscforum.de, which is a great German Board for MD Users, but this one is really frienldy and infomative, too But that link was so important (at least, I thoughtso), that I did post it. BTW, Congratulations to you having your drivers licence
  4. I just tried some URL guessing,, and there it was What time is it in Australia now, round midnight? Well, just let your PC go on, go to bed, and once you wake up, it's finished . SoS was always slow at importing files So you just edited your post - 2 mins, WTF? Sounds like a real Improvement !
  5. Good to know that. DirectX is done here, now downloading OpenMG Secure Module, again 9 MB What a pain!
  6. Someone's jealous here - I don't have DirectX 9.0c on my working machine yet, so I have to download this, too, and as if that's not enough, I only have ~12KB/s here.. Looking forward to go home soon
  7. It's still downloading, but as the Installer is in English and it's from the US Connect site, I assume it IS English No German Version online yet, what a pity
  8. Go to http://sonicstage.connect.com/SonicStageInstaller.exe, it downloads the usual Installer, then Setup for SoS 3.0 starts Havin' a look right now, but my line at work is very slow, so it takes me over half an hour to download all the stuff needed, including DirectX 9.0c
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