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  1. i think i didn't recieve the email... or i deleted and didn't notice... Anyways, most of this "hackerz" that use "bugz" in web-appz aren't "hackerz" at all... just "kids" playing around with someone else's work... of course, i donnot know if we are facing that situacion. it's good to have it under control. cheerz!
  2. donull

    Hi-MD, Bye-MD?

    Well, personally i've been looking for mp3-player with removable memory. There are some but i just think they are not good enough for me to buy'em. Most of them only support 512 modules when you can find upto 2gb so that sucks. The flash integrated sucks, you buy a 1gb flash memory that you would have to erase everytime you want to listen a new stuff?... but am i going to pay for a 50GB mp3 player to carry all my music which would be sooner or later to big for it to fit in the 50GB?...unless it's a 200gb it will endup being just another flash integrated player. For me, removable, resistant and cheap media with a nice capacity it's just perfect, 1gb, 2gb it's still a very good capacity for removable media. asi que viva el Hi-Minidisc coño! jajajajajajajaja! you're crazy!... do we have to register that domain www.flash-based-super-recorder-community-forums.com? thanks !
  3. donull

    Hi-MD, Bye-MD?

    well, this bye-MD things is pretty sad. The Hi-MD format is a great idea. I think that Sony's brains just need to visit this forum and read all the features-requests posts then apply them, and the Hi-MD would be one of the best recorders/players around, not only for those die-hard fans but for a lot of people that never heard about it. Also with all those limitations about recording/uploading/downloading/and formats etc. there's a lot of misinformation around, a lot of people is asking for things that weren't alowed in the 1st gen that are in today's, sadly it's not just ignorance, it's also sony's fault. And come on, 1GB for less than US$10? that's unbeatable. Most of the people just want a goddamned MP3 player, give the people that goddamned MP3 (drag & drop w/o wrapping, etc..) plus the other features and formats (used by pro's etc.) and you'll have a great product. There's no need to talk about the advantages of Hi-MD, but SONY must listed! oooh SONY! And you know what?... i think i'll be happy if they bye-bye Hi-MD, cause i hate SONY for being such a idiot about'em. PD: If MD disappear, what if going to happen with this community? hey!, i know i don't post too much, but this place rulez!...
  4. hey thanks for the links! well, i'm with stamp, im glad to see they're on the way.
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