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  1. As you can see, the forum is a bit slow these days so I doubt people will remember to regularly check if they have received replies etc
  2. Wait until he pays before you celebrate. 0 feedback is a bad sign
  3. Wow, Bad luck. How much did the RH1 sell for compared to what you wanted
  4. Hi, Ill looking to buy these MDs I live in Australia so please take that into account the offer on postage Please PM some prices
  5. I got it from head-fi from Member JimP Does anyone have the MZ-N910 or MZ-N1????? I want of these to top off my collection.
  6. Just got a RH1 for $220US brand new
  7. I just want the Hi-MD disk
  8. Unfortunately I cant anything in Victoria. Are you looking to sell your collection?. I only want to buy a few though I would have to commit to buy before I can find out the postage cost to Australia
  9. I just recently brought a 2gb micro for 9.50 so $12 for a Hi-MD is a little shock. If anyone wants to sell some Hi-MD I will be interested. I prefer Australia but anywhere is fine
  10. Is this still for sale?
  11. My apologies for my mistaken post. I actually meant some disks for a decent price. I would rather get it off one of those HK sites than Minidisc.com.au
  12. Anyone looking to sell some Hi-MD disk or know where to buy them in Australia?
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