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  1. Because mp3 is not a hi-format and atrac is (debatable either way) - the high frequency noise artifacts present in mp3 are filtered out in an attempt to not get that 'tinny' effect you get from some poorly encoded (or multiply transcoded) mp3s. As you don't generally multiply transcode omg files (as up to SS3.4 they have not been designed to be shared like mp3s) thrancoding and thus a 'lo-fi' effect is not such a great problem. Thus the treble is not limited. Qyuite simply atrac sounds better than mp3 on a Hi-MD. However a first generation mp3 file at the same bit rate as an omg file sounds practically the same if both a burnt on a CD and played through a proper CD player. Advice:- Don't use mp3s on Hi-MD!!!
  2. Top Cat says that joined tracks now upload easily since 3.3, but frankly I haven't tried it. In older versions of SonicStage, tracks that had been combined on the unit (that is, you had Track 1 and Track 2 and removed the track mark between them so they were both Track 1) would not upload and could mess up the disc. Many of us--well, at least mrsoul and me--were severely traumatized by this bug. Responding - the bug of which you speak in combining tracks was a bug with 1st Gen Hi-MD units NOT sonic stage. This is the reason why the 1st Gen units had such a short product life of six months - they were effectively taken off the shelvs - put in a big skip and crushed. The fault is fixed with 2nd gen Hi-mD players and subsequently they've all been on the shelves for nearly a year. Funny that eh?!!!
  3. At last the new version of Sonic Stage allows me to transfer MD-SP to Sonic Stage 3.4 and save as WAVs. How is that - you may ask. Remember the original MD player, the MZ-1. Well it had digital output. So by playing the MD-SP out of the optical and recording it with my Hi-MD via optical in I have a lossless copy on the newer format. Upload to SS 3.4 and convert to WAV and voila - SP converted to Hi-MD to WAV!!! Anyone else tried it (the only limitation is the MD-SP must be a firts generation copy - although I haven't experimented. If anyone else has tried please let me know!!!
  4. ATRAC is gapless if you transfer to MD at the identical bitrate you rip it at. Change the ATRAC bitrate and gaps are induced. Ripping to mp3 automatically has gaps all the time. Even trimming the end of the mp3s and downloading to MD still produces the gaps on playback.
  5. Sometimes Sonic Stage 3.x will not convert "old" mp3 files. Although these mp3s will usually play - it seems certain older codecs (used whilst "ripping" to mp3s) have compatability issues with Sonic Stage. The solution (using a third party application like MusicMatch) is to convert the effected mp3 back into a WAV and re-encode back to mp3. Just to clarify - although the 2nd generation of HiMD players are touted as mp3 players - although the mp3 file is not recoded (thus further quality is not lost) - the downloaded to mini disc mp3s are ammassed into one large file on the disc. This ensures that the mp3 cannot be uploaded with another persons Sonic Stage - thus copy protection is still maintained. I haven't actually tested the theory though - Sonic Stage is such a quirky bit of software I use it as little as possible!!! Of course you could just put your mp3s on a CD and give them to someone - so it does seem a bit over the top to protect them.
  6. Only one upload, and you cannot edit that upload on your PC. When you upload a recording to the PC - if it was:- analogue (line in / mic) - you may convert it to WAV (which is editable) optical (digital line in) - you may NOT convert it to WAV
  7. You shouldn't do any recording with a 1st gen unit (doesn't work properly due to a firmware bug). However - 2nd Generation units can be trusted!
  8. FINAL POST FROM AUTHOR OF THIS THREAD I have now recieved a MZ-RH10 in replacement for my "Buggy" NH900B. I have used the NH900Bs LCD backlit remote (RM-MC38EL) successfully with the RH10. The RH10 standard remote on the European model is RUBBISH! I have changed the players ROM so that customizable graphic equalizers are available along with enhanced sound level. All in all the new RH10 is EXCELLENT. The EL screen is a real joy - and the way you can edit your own recordings - with the unit making a soft beep after rehearsing your track mark is really nice! No pitch bend (no real loss) or charging stand (mmm) - but I prefer USB battery charging of the unit (not just powering the unit through the stand with the mains adapter as with the NH900) anyway. Only bug is when adding text to track name - display shows a matrix of the aphabet - which goes off the area of the screen. A B C D E F G K L M N O P Q V W X Y Z The screen does does scroll to the missing letters (you just have to count keypresses instead) so it is not a major fault (this time) just an annoyance Faith in minidisc is restored - and I think this unit sounds better than the NH900 - slightly sweeter. In final conclusion - Well Done Sony - but PLEASE Beta test your units so there are NO bugs next time...
  9. Hack works a treat - now the RH10 sounds as good as it can! Thanks for the information
  10. Main differences:- RH10:- Does not have cradle Has EL display (better) Does not have LCD on remote (worse) Does not come with free 1G Blank MD! (worse) Editing & erasing tracks does not "necessarily" work on NH900 (bug with 1st Gen units - doesn't effect you if you only download tracks in an i-pod esque way / use unit for playback only) Cannot record (old fashioned) MD (SP) on unit (although can download to unit from PC in MD SP to the 80minute blanks) Battery life 32h (instead of 37h on NH900) Equalizer (VH Engine) Cannot gain access to custom presets on Eurpean Model (V. V. Worse!!!) Cannot show all time remaining on the disks when playing (odd that one...) Can be powered (charged) through USB cable directly (NH900 only through cradle which is plugged in to mains adapter) That's about it - only had my RH10 for 2 days! Conclusion - get the NH900 if you don't do much recording of original music (as track editing / moving / erasing doesn't work as per specification on "some" models) - if you need to record - it's the RH10 - you'll need some excellent earphones without the VH+ customizable presets Good luck
  11. What about the EQ? You mean you can't save custom EQ settings, or is it just a limitation regarding the "VH acoustic engine"? I just can't believe it's not possible to save EQ settings on such a high-end unit ←
  12. Just got a RH10. No custoomizable Graphic Equalizer on the European Model. Anyone know the hack to get into RH10's maintenance mode and turn the European setting off thus allowing the two customizable Graphic Equalizers. Any help greatly appreciated as the units sounds quite average with the 4 fixed graphic presets.
  13. The news you have hopefully all been waiting for! My NH900B had a fault when editing an originally recorded Hi-MD. This has been repeated on more than 12 other individuals units via this website. It appears that batches of the NH700, NH800, NH900 & NH1 exhibit this fault. You will find how to test yours earlier in this thread. I complained about the problem through Sony. After 18 phonecalls and 2 lengthy technical letters I opened a verbal dialogue with Sony. After initially trying to brush me off and disregard the technical fault (or bug) they became more rerasonable and agreed to either fix the fault with my unit or replace it. I sent my NH900B to the Sony repair centre - but alas it was returned as working but nothing had been done to it (including a pushbutton that had become faulty). At this point Sony agreed to swap my NH900 for a MZRH10 - which I have recieved. The good news is that editing in Hi-MD works perfectly! However - the specification of the RH10 is lacking in a few critical areas that makes me feel slightly short changed. As you may know the NH900 has the "VH Accoustic Engine" - basically a Graphic Equalizer. There are 2 customizable settings (so you can turn up the BASS mainly). However the RH10 European model has the 2 customizable settings disabled. You can only use the four presets - which basically sound so tinny and flat (even with my Seinheisser PX100s) that it ruins any listening pleasure. The new screen on the unit is good - but the remote has no LCD (as the NH900 did) rendering it difficult to select tracks (when I'm on the Tube every morning) without removing the device from your pocket. The RH10 does mp3 - but only by downloading through Sonic Stage 3 - so what's the point???!!! Previously an mp3 was auto converted and downloaded through Sonic Stage 2.x to ATRAC3 anyway! It should have been implemented that you could just copy mp3 to the Hi-MD as files (although I'm just quoting what the instuctions say - I haven't actually tried it yet) Battery life (because of the screen) is also down (from 37 to 32hrs) on the RH10. I'll just have to buy some of those "mega bass" powered cans (ear phones) to try and make the thing sound reasonable - and live with it. At the moment the sound quality is just not good enough. My original MD portable (NH-750G) still sounds fantastic with it's mega bass turned on compared to all the Hi-MD units 1st & 2nd Generation alike! I don't want to blow the RH10 up - but doeas anyone know if the remote (with LCD) from the NH900 will work with the RH10? In conclusion - I think MD is the best recording medium available TODAY (for a reasonable price). PCM recording on a £100 portable is good value for money. To me this is the only reason not to buy a solid state player (mp3 memory stick) or an i-pod. However this whole "episode" really makes me wonder what Sony are playing at. To bring out 2nd gen units - with the custom equalizer not allowed in the European market model... As for the Stick remote control with no LCD... If the RH10 is the top of the range (before the units that display and take pictures) I cannot understand why the specification has been reduced. I was quite prepared to pay top dollar for a top spec unit. I did - it didn't work properly. Six months later it appears that the top of the range unit is not top spec. I'd like to know how Sony do their market research as they no longer seem to be making products I want to buy. However it is the Minidisc MEDIUM that interests me so at the moment I guess I'm stuck with what Sony "tell me" I want. P.S. The little "CN MEmory" 256M mp3 player FM radio / recorder I bought for £28 as a temporary replacement is great! Unfortunately the record function is only 32K WAV (low quality) but it has made me realise that as soon as someone brings out a device like this with high quality record - it will probably be the end of the MD format). Unit then - I'll soldier on... I'll still sign on to this website to check any further responses. Signing off for now. Woodgnome
  14. Hi, I thought this thread would gradually gather momentum. From messages and posts through this thread it seems that NH700s, NH800s, NH900s and the NH1's all have the bug. However - is the bug fixed with the 2nd generation units...? When I recieve my replacement RH10 I will post the results here! ....when I recieve it...
  15. Hopefully not repeating any answers given here:- The 37hours life is with a fully charged Ni-MH and new Alkaline 1.5V AA battery. That is in playback mode only - it's all in the operating manual!
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