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    1st gen MD, MXD-D40 MD deck, HI-MD NH-900

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    Music, I been heavily into minidiscs for the past 5 years. I recently got a nice mic; the Sony ECM-MS957. Before that MIC i was using a cheap old logitic mic that a re-soldered so there was no on off switch or else it wouldn't work. I record a lot of Guitar and vocals. It helps me tremendously to be able to hear my music immediatly after I record it. Much more efficient than using a computer. Minidiscs are simply great but many people don't have the patience for them or already have invested in many CD's etc...

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  1. I have a Sony MZ-NH900 and I was wondering how to adjust the recording level on my previous recordings. I set the recording level too loud and the sound breaks up so I'm trying to bring the level back down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. In response to ROMBUSTERS and ?eter: That makes perfect sense, thank you
  3. Are you sure? Maybe they did do something different besides that to make it faster, how do you know for sure that it is false? or maybe its only faster when it comes to using the Hi MD as a removable storage drive for data. Or maybe it transfers TO the computer faster, it can read faster than usb 1.1 . Where did you here that it is B.S from?
  4. Also, a new feature the second generation HIMDs (atleast the MZ-RH10) will have is USB 2.0. That will make PC to HIMD transfers significantly faster. USB 2.0 is 40X faster than 1.1 one, but obviously it won't get that much faster, the Himd's can only write so fast anyway, but it will help
  5. I tried recording from a DVD player to my MZ-NH900 but the copyright popped up. Tried changing output to PCM instead of DTS but no dice. Anyone know if there is any hardware or anyway to use an optical cable and get a digital recording? (I tried recording a zeppelin music DVD, but ended up recording analog) thanks a lot.
  6. Hi, I have a Sony ECM-MS957 microphone and I was wondering if It is safe to use with phantom power. I will be using a 5 pin XLR cable that breaks into to (2) 3 pin XLR connectors that will plugged into a mixer. It splits into 2 XLR cables for Left and Right to keep it a stereo mic. Can I turn on Phantom power when I have it plugged into the mixer? The mic uses a battery so I am not sure. The Adapter http://www.soundprofessionals.com/cgi-bin/...&source=froogle The Mic http://minidisco.com/ecm-ms957.html The mixer http://www.behringer.com/UB1204FX/index.cfm?lang=ENG
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