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  1. Hi folks,

    I opened a new old stock disk today and discovered an unusual 'feature' attached to the label.  I am wondering if anyone can clarify what this part of the label is meant to be used for.  Does anyone know?  The disc was a Sony 74 Color collection, the piece in question looks like a clear sheet of plastic attached to the label on top of the label for the outside of the case:




  2. Hi Folks,

    Long time no post, busy with child rearing. :-) I do stop by to read up on new posts and topics.

    I ran across this video on YouTube yesterday, sorry to post if everyone has already seen it but it was good to see and I wanted to share with all.


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  3. Very impressive NYG!

    Stephen is right on too.


    I bought a Printrbot Simple Metal earlier this year and definitely see this as one of the many applications.  My limited experience with designing and printing usable objects tells me that the very fine teeth on the object in question here would likely not print at the resolution required to function as expected.

    One would undoubtedly need to perform a simioar operation with a set of small files to shape and fit the part in the same manner as that used by NYG.


  4. I wonder if we could perform some experiments to determine how this is done.  If we made some recordings using analog at several bit rates, then dup'ed those recordings to another disk, then transferred the various recordings to the PC using an RH1.


    Would a comparison of the files transferred provide any clues which could be helpful?


    Does the RH1 transfer everything converted to one single bit rate regardless of its original rate?

  5. I picked up a five pack of the "Power Bank" cases Stephen links above, it was about $2.50US.  Then grabbed a four pack of the LiPo cells for around $12.00US.


    They work pretty well, but I would be surprised if the rated 2200mAh of the cells is right, they don't seem to work too well to recharge a mobile phone.  It seems they will only raise the level of my phone 15% when the phone battery is rated at 2400mAh.

  6. This is actually a very common problem ...

    The JE520 is SP only, record and playback.  The "home recorded" disc is most likely recorded on some newer device and contains MDLP content.

    In later units Sony added the ability to record longer on a disc of the same size at a lower quality.

    You will most likely be able to access the recordings on the disc using an MD player capable of decoding MDLP.

  7. I have one of these great little units.  I suspect the mod was a Sony provided firmware update to allow the unit to play MP3 files. I recall seeing details for sending it in to Sony for the update, you couldn't download and flash it yourself ...

    I have found that it sounds far superior when playing HiSP (256k ATRAC3plus).

    The unit definitely works using the SonicStage Ultimate version available in the downloads section here.

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