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  1. Tescos have now cut the price of 5 Sony MDs to £2.98
  2. Who's selling them for 150 eur ?
  3. Yes. If you transfer music using a NetMD unit ( in SP/LP2/LP4) they will play on your car stereo.
  4. I didn't think that £3.80 for 5 pro discs sounded all that expensive. What do you think a fair price is for a decent blank (or a pack of 5/10) ?
  5. Has anyone here used a HHB pro minidisc blank? I was just wondering whether they are as good as they say they are? http://www.hhb.co.uk/hhb/uk/products/detail.asp?ID=1478# They are £3.80 for 5 (and £6 postage - so you'd have to order a few to may it worth while) Cheers, Mike
  6. Has the disc got dust or hairs on it? (probably not as it's new) I've experienced a few problems because of this. Easily fixed by carefully opening the disk shutter and turning the disc until you see the dirt/hair/whatever and removing it by by one of those air duster thingies.
  7. SOLD Thanks to all those who bidded. I've still got a Minidisc changer for sale -> >> Link <<
  8. SONY MDX-C6500R - MINIDISC CAR STEREO Good working order >> Link <<
  9. SONY MiniDisc Changer MDX-66XLP Perfect working order. >> Link <<
  10. Last chance... Auction closed today....
  11. Forgot to mention there's a spare USB lead too.
  12. I'm selling my Sony MZ-NH1 in MINT Condition + 5 Hi-MD Discs on ebay. Auction ends: 06-Sep-05 22:24:33 BST Also Included is a spare RM-MC33EL Remote Control -> Link <-
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