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  1. Am I right in saying that MP3 is the same as MP2 minus the sound you can't hear? Or did I make that up? And if you removed these sounds before encoding them to MP2 would it be pretty much the same as MP3? If I'm right about them of course. p.s. I also have the XDR-S1, there are a few bugs in the software though, I'll let you spot them for yourself!
  2. I was quite annoyed that Hi-MD only supports stereo recording, what if you want to use a mono microphone? Also, I remember Sonicstage had some problems using monoural sound-files, not sure if this is still the case, but annoying none-the-less.
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    Google Earth

    Wow, amazing. Check out my old street -> Latitude: 51°28'35.71"N, Longitude: 2°41'6.55"W The lake where I went fishing with my dad, and my dog almost drowned! -> Latitude: 51°28'47.20"N, Longitude: 2°40'9.82"W Used to walk down this lane (Dog Sh*t Lane) to get to the shops and buy custard slices for mother, some buggers have developed over the old playground -> Latitude: 51°28'37.55"N, Longitude: 2°41'8.16"W Ah, memories
  4. I had a similar experience when I put a CD in my brother's CD player and it was playing the disc before it, wierd!? After a while I realised I forgot to take the other CD out before I put the new one in, .
  5. I used the toothpaste method on my LCD wall clock which fell off my wall and scratched itself on my bedside table . Looks a lot better than it did, thanks Kurisu! I may use this method on my NW-A3000 which didn't take too long to scratch, I was being so careful with it as well . Am I right in saying that the covers for LCD screens are a mixture of plastic and glass? Would this method work on, say, the windscreen of a car?
  6. If you mean new revision then that will be an update, a newer version of Simple Burner. I don't think the current generation of MD player's do support ATRAC lossless actually but a new version may be able to offer 352 kbps ATRAC3plus.
  7. Did you watch the celebrations on the BBC, lol. Amazing amount of fireworks but I would like to know how much it all cost. Respect to the presenters who managed to find so much to talk about, after all, it is just another year really. I'm going to actually try and follow my new year's resolution this year. Perhaps, maybe this year.
  8. Correction, 1st generating players cannot play MP3s, because they need transcoding first. Sony claim that their Minidisc units can play MP3s, WMAs etc., when they actually can't and need to be transcoded first. Personally, I find the information Sony provide to be misleading and innacurate (perhaps, reading closely, it isn't such innacurate but it's very sneaky indeed!) Correction, I meant generation, sorry
  9. Yeah, I wondered that. I bought the official Sony MD lens cleaner but was confused about whether it supported Hi-MD. Surely any MD lens cleaner should work?
  10. It wasn't anything to do with the WEP key was it? The problems I have had with my USB connector are to do with the Internet Connection Sharing and the WEP key. Had to reinstall the software twice which is a real nuisance, just missed a race with a couple of friends I found online . Also, anyone else noticed that Nintendo's software uses a fair bit of processing when it's not in use, it caused the picture in DScaler (A program I use to watch TV and play game consoles) to judder, I removed the Nintendo software from memory and it was fine thereafter.
  11. This is how I see it: If Sony were to release firmware updates for 1st generation models to improve functionality then people are less likely to buy into the second generation. Not only would Sony lose money on development but they would lose money on sales too. So the chances of a firmware update are pretty small. Does anyone know if the Hi-MD units are capable of firmware updates over USB though?
  12. Cool, thanks. I'd have to transcode though, not sure about that.
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    What a strange thread
  14. I'd recommend a stereo mic because the current range of Hi-MD Recorders don't support monoural recording as far as I can tell.
  15. The situation: Left my CD at work, but have a copy of it on Minidisc. I wanted to transfer this to my new NW-A3000 by uploading from Minidisc to Sonicstage and then to my NW-A3000. So look on transfer rights and it says 'Can be transferred to originating computer' or something like that. OK, fine. But when I try to transfer MY album from MY minidisc on to MY originating computer it says: So, having the right to transfer these tracks to My Library is actually quite pointless because they need to be there in the first place, nice one Sony, thanks a lot. --- So my question is, are there any third-party utilities which will let my by-pass these silly copyright protection schemes, and give me the basic rights which I should have had in the first place?
  16. I hardly watch it because reception is so bad where I live . Have lots of cartoon DVDs I like to watch: Looney Tunes, Spongebob, Ren & Stimpy. I've got a Tom & Jerry DVD as well but I want to burn it because of the newly-dubbed mammy voice .
  17. Not likely, for current generations of units anyway. Hi-MD players do support 352 Kbps though, by using the latest version of Sonicstage (3.3)
  18. Yeah, perhaps I should have done a bit of research first before posting those insane rantings.
  19. Aargh I bought a CD a while ago that wouldn't let me rip it to Sonicstage EVEN with copyright protection enabled . So I try doing a recording via optical-out and my NH700 and Hi-Fi won't let me In the end I had to do an analogue recording, just to get my CD on to minidisc. Perhaps I should just use a P2P network to get my music because, guess what? No copyright restrictions !
  20. Yeah, that pisses me off. What annoys me is these rappers calling themselves the n-word all the time. I think, originally, the n-word was used to describe people who come from Nigeria. But now, it's become a swear word. Anyway, I don't find any so-called swear-words offensive because I take the context of a sentence rather than any stupid words. And guess what's more stupid than swear words? People that get offended by them and ask for them to be removed from radio, television, CDs, mass media etc. Get a fuckin' life. Ah, I feel much better now
  21. 48K you lucky swine! I put up with 24 Kbps for about 3 years. Doesn't even support compression at that bitrate. Anyway, I have broadband now! Can't do a lot with a 1 GB download/upload limit though . Tried to convince my parents that 1 GB just wasn't enough, not for a whole month anyway. Ah, I feel better now
  22. Can you bring broken Sony products to the Sony Store, or is it really not their problem?
  23. Well, personally I thinks it's quite good to have the adaptor as well, just incase your kid goes to someone elses house and wants to play his Mario Kart online there. Only downside really is the cost of it. I read somewhere that if you connect to a router with the DS, it uses an older security standard and anything else connected to it will also have to use this standard (goes without saying really). Personally, I'd recommend getting a router seeing as you have a bit of a home network already.
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